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I write a lot of songs about movies in general. I was thinking maybe some folks would like to give that a try as well.

You don't have to know the movie, you could go purely based on what the title inspires.

Let me know if you are interested and I'll assign you a title.

Tag it horrormovietitle

Yes please! (I'm not a big watcher of horror movies, so I'll probably take the title and go completely sideways with it...) Smile

neat prompt will definitely have a crack at this Smile

Count me in @wacha Biggrin

See You In The Shadows…

Eager to do this!

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Sure Wink I actually hope I haven't seen the movie Smile

I am trying to expand my topics, so I will take a run at it too!

I'll take one too, please!

@marilisa You have "High Tension"

@wobbiewobbit you have "Digging up the Marrow"

@candle you have "Carnival of Souls"

@jamkar - You have "Season the Witch"

@dzd You have "Let the Right One In"

@DeannaSweidel - You have "Martyrs"

@vomvorton You have "Berserk"

I'd like to give it a try and see if I can come up with something.

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@wacha awesome! I haven't seen it hahah that could go a lot of ways

I'll take another too if you're dishing them out! feels less cheaty for some reason over a random title generator ;), not that I don't enjoy those too!

I’m in!

I was looking for a challenge that might suit my mood, I've just started watching the BBC adaptation of Dracula and my most recent tinker has proven a bit Draculaesc. So why not go for it. Long story short, can I play please?

@kristi - Manos - the Hands of Fate

@dzd - Among the Living

@kahlo2013 - DeadGirl

@see-man-ski - The Beguiled

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Thanks Smile might just tack all these together in one song Wink That one I have seen......assuming Anthrax didn't make a movie about their album! hmmm...we'll see haha

Just posted mine: Carnival Of Souls - http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/song/42051

See You In The Shadows…

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Thanks @wacha for the challenge and my prompt “DeadGirl.” Perfect for an uptempo love song!


Here is my attempt, I'm afraid not much thought went into the lyrics, although I did watch the film for inspiration, just wasn't feeling in the mood to write lyrics.


Here is my entry. Pretty basic soundtrack 101 stuff.

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Sign me up, please!

I wrote a lyric to mine, "The Hands of Fate": *42626

@cts sorry, I was sidelined for a week. I had surgery.

Your movie title is "Wicked Lake"

I'll have a go. Something different.

Ooooh - Gimmee one! Smile Thanks!

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Yeah why not Wink I'll take another as well

@wacha you're back so I'm happy surgery went well, as well as any can at least Smile

I would take another if you want to give another!

Whoops, didn't realize so many of you wanted songs:

@bunter - Crawl
@corinne54 - Automaton Transfusion
@dzd - Survival of the Dead
@kahlo2013 - The Changeling

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Thanks! and that's one I actually have seen.......dunno what to think about that just yet

@kahlo2013 - The Uncanny

I'm not sure I've understood the challenge right. Here's mine:


pick one for me! Just to mention, I've already written a song about Rob Zombie's remake of Hallowe'en, though only from one perspective (the sister that dies).

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Thanks again! and might as well keep 'em coming if you would Biggrin


@Aging Ophelia - Deathdream
@dzd - The Visit

Finally got around to it - This was fun - Thanks


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Yup, I do Smile and yet another I haven't seen hahaha, not a big fan of the horror genre didn't think I would of seen too many of these, hah! Might actually go watch it, I could use a little break. trailer looks pretty good.

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