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So I have a request...
I wrote and recorded a song for songfight back in August called "High and Higher" *440940 and I made a video for it which was premiered on the sonfight youtube channel during night 3 of the songfight live(stream) 2020 last night, Saturday, 19 September. I've uploaded to my own personal youtube channel.

The request: Will you go watch it and subscribe to the channel? Thanks much!


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will do Smile if you give me your opinions on songfight as a whole ........I know the general idea, just nothing I ever wanted to participate in before Smile whats the community like? etc? well I will anyway, just figured I'd ask hahaha.

nice tune/video btw! is that a stock footage compilation?

Yeah, free stuff from pexels or pixaby. I get a lot of photos for the songfight art I submit from a couple of sites like those.

Songfight: It's odd. It's a close community at times and a very unclose one at others. I like it a lot, but it's different than FAWM and 50/90. As JB says, 'It's song FIGHT not song love.' so... people aren't afraid to tell you exactly what they think... both good and bad. And a lot of bad in the way of genre bias or if someone is just in a bad mood. As a result, though, the feedback is a little more useful in the sense that at least you know what to work on if you think the criticism is valid. Sometimes it is, sometimes it isn't.

I went to songfight live last year and @owl helped host it and I got to see @nancyrost. It was a great time. Really makes the sometimes harsh board talk seem more like tough love than just spite or whatnot.

I'd suggest hitting the board and looking at some of the recent review threads. That might give you a better idea of what's going on than anything else:

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Awesome, thanks! yeah that sounds about near what I was expecting, only expecting worse actually Smile haha I'll give it a gander.

Done and awesome international even video!

nice one mate - watched and subscribed!

Great song and a wonderful video! Smile

Interesting song @tcelliott ! good for you.

@dzd this URL looked the most hellful (er, helpful), to me, -- since got the impression that they had "reviews" and were "mean?"
-- You submit, and I guess if accepted, then a vote.

And I suppose if want to do some ashe kicking, as in any board, plenty of places to exchange footwear Wink impressions.

I don't see any, READ THIS FIRST, "you are here" stuff. So, as with folks like me with ADD OCD, -- that's as far as I got for all the many lines I saw on the screen in old-style message board format. Maybe you have to actually sign up, then be approved, then can see? I dunnnooh, Uno Wink

I looked for other Vids and etc., but just kept seeing "Announcements", same ones top of the sticky... (saw some of what looked like same folks ? ), so, if you are anything like me... smoke a fat one, drink a little brown liquor, loud amp and be ready to Read and Nod... then won't feel the pain of the "fight"? beating... ...


Wow, good stuff! Excellent video to your song - watched and subscribed.

Thank you, everyone. I appreciate it.

Hey @tcelliott, this is incredible work! I watched. I listened. I commented. I loved it!