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Hi all, i know there will be a few of us out and about! Queensland here hidden behind the borders.

Warm wishes from [Wellington,] New Zealand, where we are discovering that, unlike roadside oranges, you cannot run a border quarantine on an honesty system.

I still have my Grandfather's "Diggers Abroad" badge somewhere. There's a street named after him in Townsville...

We accept you as an honorary Aussie @headfirstonly

I'm here in the Free Province of South Australia but regrettably some immediate family is in the Plague State of Victoria...where I may have to go to pick up Macci the Dog for winter lodging. So possibly I will be back in quarantine again. If so, Beware, Beware! A circle wave around me thrice

Hello to all you fellow ANZAC songwriters. Always ready to put pen to paper, plectrum to guitar string, finger to piano key and voice to mic at a moments notice (I wish) Smile

I’m a Kiwi abroad. From Te Anau now in London.
Normally I’d be back south in August (Perth, Oz) visiting family but not this year. Upside though is more 50/90 time.

Yeah - that sucks balls - I'm trying to get myself over the ditch from NSW - all that lockdown work undone by a bunch of $#$%&#%^&^*^$%% - CMK

Originally from the Deep South of NZ, now an Aussie living in the NSW Central Coast. Trying to get my ass over to NZ so I can look after my mum for a wee while. Only 2 more days of work and then i'm free - hopefully the downtime will create lots of new lyrics, get some new studies on, get fit again (looks at torso and sighs) -

Adelaide represent. G'day all and to fellows @Tim Fatchen and @coreystewart

Hi all. I've found a new South Oz lyricist. But he's a new lad and a bit shy, and he's going to need more than me (!) to put stuff to music because he can produce lyrics to rival the good Mr Wordsmith. So take a moment and give him a shout. @otagoseaburial . (No, not Kiwi. It's a long story)

To read his profile, I think anyone could be forgiven for thinking he was an Otagoite. The name sits very well.

Thanks for the nod. We in SA love Otago. Not only as a place, but as the ship which brought us Joseph Conrad - who was her captain in the 1800s.
He stuck around down the Peninsula, got sick of the heat, and took off for Durban in a ship with a new friend John Galsworthy.
John encouraged him to write, although English was about JC’s fifth language.
He warmed up with The Shadow Line, about the Otago, and later followed up with Heart of Darkness.
The sea burial thing was just a way of remembering both the author - and what happened to the man he replaced.

That’s a song right idea I love right there.
But good luck rhyming oranges....