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A thread for those of us making heavy and/or dark music. Metal, goth, dark electro - if it's heavy or dark (by your own definitions, not mine!) post in here!

From experience, there aren't many darker songs posted during 50/90, but if you're out there, let us know!

Not all of mine will be heavy dark. Some. Possibly the majority. But not all. Smile


Ooooo, I may try this! Now, just to be clear, are we talking songs we write in the dark? Or songs about the dark? Or something else entirely? I am known for pooping in dark attics. Maybe TMI?

I feel a few dark lyrics on the horizon... if they make it to the song stage, I'll post 'em here. Good idea for a thread. Wink

if nothing else, will definitely be employing some tritones...

I tend to write at least a few songs about murder each year so I guess that would qualify.

I write very dark lyrics a lot! But my music is not what i would call dark!

[@ustaknow], that is unfortunate, but it sounds like you need to move on from it, or risk replicating that again.
Just a friendly comment, not supposed to ba anything, well, darker than that! Smile

I speak as somebody who does a lot of (usually unintentional) triggering myself.

So, not metal , goth or dark electro ,but nearly all my songs pretty much go straight to hell. Would that qualify ?

i'm not planning to go musically dark—maybe a nice soft grey—but lyrically? if variations on a theme of "i didn't subscribe to this 'being alive' membership and i'd like to opt out now, the fees are crippling" are considered dark, then yes.

misery is a rich, complex musical tool, IMO, like all strong emotions. if you've got it, you might as well use it.

Hello, nice soft greyness, my old friend
I've come to muse on matters heinous once again

Once again - if you think it counts as dark, that's good enough for this thread. Smile

Sure I'll come up with some dark stuff, as in gothic folk and/or americana. The occasional murder ballad or otherwise grim tale.

My music has been terminally bright and cheerful. I think I need to dig into my dark heavy side. Any suggestions? I always seem to come up with bubbly stuff. (The term troubadour has often been thrown at me after people hear my FAWM songs.)

Hello. I just joined the forum and I am a dark ambient artist so I'm guessing that my songs will fit in this thread. How do I let you know that I have a song that fits the theme? do I just post the link in here? I mostly do soundscapes and other music that people have told me would be good for horror films or television. Feel free to check out the links in my bio for an idea of what I write. i'm looking forward ot the challenge.

I do have another question if it's okay for me to ask it here. I had thought about using bandcamp for hosting my tracks so I could just start a public album and add tracks to it but I'm blind and would like to get some help, if I could in finding artwork for the temporary collection as bc requires a photo for publication so if anyone is willing to help, I'd appreciate it. i'm also open to collaborating if anyone would be interested.

I don't know about heavy but it's certainly dark. Lol

@sklawlor, yes, just post the link in here. Smile Afraid I can't help you with artwork. Visuals are not my strong suit. not my darkest nor my heaviest, but still kinda both

Got me a late start and still haven't actually finished anything, but I've got a dark one on the way. I'm struggling with the lyrics at the moment, though, as is often the case.

just did another batch... going through the lyrics during the 'assembly and upload phases', it struck me how depressing today's lyrics are. and i were thinking 'man you gotta lighten up during tomorrow's batch'... ex: 'Gene Tierney'

Also, if anyone needs a growled or screamed vocal for their song, that is exactly the kind of collab I would be into.

And here we go, some black metal for your enjoyment:

‘One With the Wolf’ (lyric)

Might not be dark enough to qualify. But definitely not sweetness and light. Wink

@hmorg, I don't see a demo when I click through. Just lyrics.

Hot damn, you're right. It appears as if I don't know how to drive this site. Oh well, it's corrected now.

I love dark music and themes. I am all over the place. I do need to try out my Nita Strauss signature Ibanez more and record a song for 2021's 50 in 90, hahaha! I tend to record everything as a super raw demo acoustically. I tend to enjoy writing about really sad things, death, grieving, regrets, etc. Sad songs make me happiest. I tend to be more snarky than dark for songwriting challenges. Maybe I'll be brave enough to share more of my Goth and metal side. I find myself as a music fan currently a big Americana genre person because the songwriting is so good. Yet, I listen to a lot of "heavy metal" from the early days of the genre day to day. I also really, really LOVE the darker bluegrass and blues songs that are about dying, death, Faustian deals, hell fire, suffering, drinking, and addictions. Hahaha! I actually sit and listen to classical, heavy metal, bluegrass, and punk rock all in one day and see some common motifs. I'm a bit of a weirdo...

Just what I needed. I was worried I writing something that I couldn't submit!

I didn't know this was in you. I am curious to see what you post Donna (my mentor and all around awesome writer).

Do I post my lyrics here?

Hey! Welcome!

To post a song, look at the bottom of the page. Underneath "My Profile" there is "Add New Song". If you're just posting lyrics, there'll be a text box for them. To post a demo, you need to provide a url.

Have fun. Smile

Thanks. I will take these off from here and post them appropriately.

Just posted my lyrics only Black Metal write.
Face the Black Menace @ Donna J Evans 7/29/21
Marked for eternal death
The repentance they denied
Others suffered as they craved
Now it’s their day of dying

Comes a times when the gigs up
Menace, a man on a mission
To obliterate dark forces
Doomed to their submission

Face the Black Menace
Face the Black Menace
Timber, You’re burnin’ down
Face the Black Menace
Face the Black Menace
Timber, You’re burnin’ down

They feed on weak innocence
Leaving zombie human husks
Pleasure and sheckles of silver
Entrap Earthly power puppets

Herd together like bleating cattle
Menace draws them like flypaper
As the tower of light descends
And incinerates them to vapor

Face the Black Menace
Face the Black Menace
Timber, You’re burnin’ down
Face the Black Menace
Face the Black Menace
Timber, You’re burnin’ down

Face the Black Menace
Face the Black Menace
Timber, You’re burnin’ down
Face the Black Menace
Face the Black Menace
Timber, You’re burnin’ down