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(How could you see that thread title and not start singing the Bon Jovi classic "Living on a Prayer"?)

According to my calendar/time zone, yesterday was the halfway point of this 50/90 season. (It was also my mom's 77th birthday.)

How are you doing? Not just in terms of number and quality of songs, but also energy and enthusiasm?

I just put up song 37 - a couple of weeks ago my goal was 50 solo with demos by Sept 1, and then in Sept do mainly collabs and more skirmishes. Last week I fell off in enthusiasm and energy - we sent our daughter off to college, and I was way sadder and more anxious than I thought I'd be.

Where I'm slacking is listening/commenting - my goal by Oct 1 is to give 400 meaningful comments, and I'm at maybe 160 now.

FAWMSTOCK last weekend was a blast and it was great to meet so many more FAWM & 50/90'ers. TBH it took me a couple of days to get over the Zoom hangover. Energy and enthusiasm is picking up again. Historically I have typically finished/posted more in the second half of a timed challenge but then 2020 has not been at all typical so I am not taking anything for granted.
I am at 41 (by my count 30 of them solo, 11 collab/game) songs in 50/90. My 50/90 goals are 50 solo lyrics/music songs and more collabs/playing the songwriting games (morph, corpse, challenges). A few more collabs are in the works and I have umpteen ideas of my own in various stages of incomplete.
82 (80 of them solos, 1 collab, 1 instrumental) songs in 100/180. Goal there is 100 solos.
360 listens/comments given (goal is to give 10 comments for each solo song I post), 320 comments received (and I am grateful for every one).

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In 40s song post wise....personal count of things I know are going to be something new, probably 20's or less. A lot of my short lyric stuff will get scrapped/re-written a lot of the intrumental mostly tracks probably get stuck together as separate parts once or if I ever go back and listen and actually "learn" the tunes Biggrin just how I go about it, especially since most of my method involves pushing record and just seeing what happens........ still several collaborations and such to get to, plan to focus more on that aspect in the last month/few weeks...... the energy and motivation is still there, just a little harder to find the time, hopefully it'll start cooling down soon, and won't risk a heat stroke if I want to play something mid-day hahaha still missing out on a ton of great listening I know..... even though nearing 400 comments.

edit: it's funny what I really wanted to focus on this 50/90 was complete reworks of a lot of older half-baked ideas........I think I've managed to get to 2 maybe 3 of those Biggrin

This is my first 50/90 and I'm amazed to find I've posted 28 songs, three of which are collabs, the rest lyrics.
But I think the well has run dry. I await inspiration.
I have a personal challenge to post my first song completely produced and performed by me. First step was to download Audacity. When I've recovered from that I'll move on.

@dzd - Just about every year (but not this one) I have the idea that I might re-work some older ideas. But I don't have many, if any, half-finished songs. What I was thinking of doing was taking songs I wrote before 2008 (my first FAWM year) and re-doing them - better lyrics, maybe even very different musically. I guess that doesn't really count as a new song, though.

Hey Chip--that totally counts! To me 5090 is a spur to do something as opposed to nothing. It doesn't matter what that something is. I have no interest in "winning" this thing, so I'm not a purist about what counts as a "new song." I would morph the same song 50 times and count it as time well spent. The last song I posted was my attempt to morph a couple of old songs (2012?) from memory and make them into a new thing. Did I make a new song? Sort of...

Well thanks a lot for the earworm, @Chip Withrow Wink

I'm at 19 songs on my list, although one is an Exquisite Corpse, and another is a cover of one of this year's 50/90 songs by @Technicolor Gramophone in which I played no part.
For me, I'm doing pretty well for this stage of the game.
I'm really happy with my output so far.
Quality over quantity, and weirdness above all.

That said, I am feeling a little songwriting burnout right now, although I'm sure I'll get over that and get on with it soon, especially cos @Candle is patiently waiting for me to finish our collab.

Listening burnout, too. I'm presently nearing 300 Comments given with lots more to come once I recharge my batteries.

So yeah, I feel like I need a bit of a break before I get back to it.

i wasnt epecting to hit 50 thus year, as the closed schools have made me sole caretaker of my daughter who requires constant attention and interrupts 9 out of 10 attempts to get through the recording of a song. but ive managed 41 so far, so i dont need to work too hard to make it. as long as the ideas keep coming. after every song, i feel like i wont get another one.

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@Chip Withrow I agree with the spotless youthy one on that.....of course it counts! if you want it to Smile new idea/direction for something old, new song in my book, as I usually don't do this all year....fawm is in the past about the only time I even record stuff that gets shared in any capacity (first 50/90)

@billwhite51 I've really enjoyed your daughters contributions I've heard so far......especially the one I caught where you actually got her to intentionally participate Biggrin I'm sure nobody hears the massively interrupted ones Wink

@Saltyjohn good luck in your recovery! Biggrin @Fuzzy you have an unknowing collaboration in the works from me too, more of another side of the story the night you were arrested trying to release those singer/songwriters back into the wild Wink ....will have to see where it goes, and will have to try to finish it now if I say something about it hahah Biggrin

I just had to clear up some room on my Dropbox because I've been so prolific this year with FAWM & 50-90. I might have to find alternate hosting space to continue doing 50-90 past the end of August Lol I'm at 58 according to the song count on my page. One o'those is a song that's about 25 years old (marked with an " * "), so I didn't count it. @Fuzzy has our collab to finish (no rush on that one, Fuzzy - I hear you about burnout. I might actually be getting close, myself, go figure ) & I have a few other ideas I want to explore. I'd like to pass the 60 song mark (to double my FAWM output this year), so I guess I have two more songs to go to reach that goal (counting the Fuzzy collab).

Great work everyone! I know this is marathon, but I feel like it's a lot less intense then FAWM (remember, this is the first year I've done 50-90). I know we can all make it! And the music I've heard from everyone so far has been amazing. Keep it up & Rock-On (or Country-On; Rap-On, &c…)

See You In The Shadows…

@dzd - Harmonica Rebellion? Wink I can't wait to hear it!

See You In The Shadows…

Since a couple of you said it was OK, I went digging through my old song lyrics for ones to re-work. And I found a bunch of them that I have no idea what the original music was. So now I have a backup plan if I run out of new ideas.

+1 on that plan @Chip Withrow. I think that's a great idea!

See You In The Shadows…

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yup @Chip Withrow and nothing wrong with mixing in new ideas with old writes Smile I always like finding stuff I don't even remember writing at all, wouldn't believe it unless it was in a notebook in my handwriting.......... what crazy man thought of this nonsense? Biggrin Or hearing an old recording and having to go "learn" it hahah

Every year, each project, FAWM/50590 I typically never expect to even engage it. But, then I do. Oh well, one year I'll successfully not engage Wink hahhh!

That re-work, or address old stuff comes up every year. What I've enjoyed now, and had one this year... originally done, then addressed as per "feedback-comment", then posted "which do you like", and then this year used as a collaboration! (And it was an android phone voice record track, when was in full protest of "BIAB - isms", plastic plugins as "better", best.) So far the original and the collaboration is the "preferred" for the many reasons most may suppose.

It's all about moving forward, not following rules, -- as I see it and within obvious limitations, framing.

Tso, derUgo! Wink