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Anyone else saw it on Disney+? It's SO GOOD. Even if you're not a Beatles fan it's still fantastic from the perspective of closely seeing their creative process and how they approach songwriting.

Also, how cool is it that the Beatles got together in 1969 with the goal of making 14 songs in a month???

Nice to hear you enjoyed it so much. Honestly, I’ve had a hard time watching much of it it. Boring start. Maybe it gets better? Or maybe because I lived the Beatles years. Too much sitting around strumming guitars? I did enjoy watching Ringo on the drums - lol! Will have to pop in and try watching more of it.

I am a bit caught between! Some of it was astonishing and so awesome to watch but there were for me patches of boredom! I lived and breathed them all my life perhaps that is part of it! Seeing the genesis of Get back and Let it be was amazing but if i hear don't let me down again (a great song i should add) i think i will scream! In the end it is worth waiting for the gems.

It was super great to see this. I was spellbound throughout.
Yes, the first episode is a bit of a downer; things pick up once they get to the Apple basement and Billy Preston shows up.
I never really realized how extremely talented Mr. Preston was. He was the magic ingredient during the Get Back sessions.
A bit disappointed that Jackson set the last recording day (the one after the rooftop concert) as background to the credits, as if it didn't really matter.
Honestly? I felt as if I has snuck in to Mount Olympus and was watching the gods at work and play.

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I'm sure I'll give this a watch eventually. I'm in no rush as that's a long run-time to watch anyone plunking around in the studio no matter how much you like their work. I think I might appreciate it more by my not being the biggest fan of them. They're great don't get me wrong, I have heard and do appreciate everything they did, they were just already background music by the time I was paying attention.