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What have you been playing recently and why?

I'm always interested...

1) Why people pick up a game in the first place
2) What keeps them playing it?
3) Why not something else that's sort of similar?

Fallout 76 mostly.

I picked up the game because I'm a long time fan of the Fallout series and this was a MMORPG version of Fallout. It was kind of a crap game at first but a lot of stuff has been added and fixed and I don't get bored with it.

What keeps me playing it is the constant addition of new content and fun stuff to do, plus all the old favorites. It's a decent game.

Because something else is not exactly Fallout. It doesn't have the same feel and Fallout 76's base building mechanics are epic and I'm not aware of any other game that you can do that, exactly like that with Biggrin

Styx: Master of Shadows on the PC! Picked it up for a few bucks at GOG. Didn't expect to like it much since I'm not really a stealth guy. But once I figured out the gameplay I am enjoying it immensely!

I've mostly been playing Breath of the Wild for the last... 165 hours, apparently. I finished the main story weeks ago but kept feeling drawn back to explore the world more, so eventually paid for the DLC and I'm glad I did, the extra quests are really fun.

Keep meaning to play other things, this is my first really exploration of modern gaming in well over a decade, but Zelda keeps pulling me back in...

Mainly The Sims 4

1 - Picked this back up because I remembered I had it. There was a sizable update that it needed last year or maybe even before that, and I was always too impatient to wait on it...eventually I forgot about it.
2 - I keep going back to this daily now (and for way too long at a time) because I get to live the life that has eluded me in reality. Plus its friggin fun.
3 - Nothing else really checks all the boxes quite like The SIms series has for me. Animal Crossing comes closest, but that is quite limited compared. The house building, relationship building, living out all scratches the itches for me.
@johnstaples - i got that game collecting digital dust on my XB1 as a freebie game of the month from ages ago. I had no idea what it was, but now I'm intrigued to find its a stealth game...hmm..
[@nuj4x] - I had a friend gift me 76, and we had a 3-person squad for a bit. I just kinda...lost interest. I agree with you about the feel of it, not quite the Fallout I know. Though, I only first got to know the series with Fallout 4, which is one of my top 3 all-time games, and its VERY different than that. The base building (settlements) in 4 actually ends up being ALL I do sometimes instead of playing the main story...especially with mods. I kinda got the itch to start up a new game for the 500th time right now...
@Vom Vorton - I feel nothing but shame when it comes to that game. It was bought for me for some Christmas or another and I've not even sank 20 hours into it yet. I could use the excuse of joycon drift...but that is a cop-out. I admit, I got owned quite often in that game lol Maybe that's why I haven't gone back. Even bought the DLC. Sigh...another thing that might occupy my music-making time.

@IA, what about you?
(i'm terrible...I can find the time to blab away about games, but yet I still have so many songs to comment on haha)

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Ohh... I don't much play anymore. Or I do, but it's more for research. New games can rarely hold my interest for more than 30 minutes.

I did play Kingdoms & Castles a bit. It's like Settlers 2 but with added fort building. Fun, but super limited.

I remember playing Sims 1 with my sister when I was a teenager. All I remember that about every day the little guys would have some sort of grease fire going on, which begs the question. How were they still alive? Not just in that apartment, but how did they survive puberty without burning in a fiery inferno?

Yea, I could list everything I've tried recently, but won't be an uplifting conversation. ROFL

I'm pretty casual, I've just been playing Modern Warfare online while I listen to YouTube vids or albums. The last games I played through were Doom 2016 and Doom Eternal, both were good but I much preferred the 2016 one.

I got the game because I've been playing COD for 8 years now and even though it peaked at Black Ops 2 for me. It's just simple enjoyment, I play NES games if I want to engage my brain. COD was the B level game when I played primarily Halo but then I went to the PS4 and Halo went in places I wouldn't buy an Xbox One for.

I keep playing because they've done a decent job on this game. It's a lot better than the last two CODs, they add new maps for free and although I despise the very long and huge updates they do enough to keep it interesting.

I've tried Battlefield but I never got into any of those games past Battlefield 3.

@splittybooms I think I enjoyed BOTW more and more as it went on, once you have decent gear and can explore without too many things being able to kill you it's just a really nice world to chill out in.