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So, I can't be the only person who thinks of random prompts for people (to get the juices flowing) that don't actually fit any "challenge" threads. So that's what this is - a thread specifically for random prompts. Hopefully some prompts are useful for someone. I'll get us started:

You're sitting alone on an island beach.

You're inexplicably afraid of the last thing you ate.

Turns out, Star Wars is real!

Your significant other has been possessed by a character from a kids' TV show.

"I never knew why,"
says the sock puppet of rage.
"I might never know."

(Perhaps keep things to 5 prompts per post?)

Go! Biggrin

Radishs are on sale for 50 cents off and you have to beat rush hour traffic to get to them before they sell out.

Rubber chickens come alive and slap back.

The narrator thinks of various vehicles fit to destroy the lines at drive-thrus.

The greatest possible day of your eternity.

Secrets buried deep within your couch cushions...

Facing Winter


Sliding Into Darkness

My Last Chance

The Flowers Come Back Every Spring

Externally Yours

You wake up missing one number in the lottery, you know the blue unicorn has it tattooed on a hoof and he is at the end of the double maze. Pick a team and find it!

Struggle Bus
Insectoid Queen
Patient Zero
Last Christmas on America Street
The Predators Ball
Month of Sundays

Which species would you annihilate to make Earth a better planet?

Which already-extinct species needs to return to help heal Earth?

Write about the most inebriated you've ever been (any substance).

You just bought your dream instrument. What's the first song you write with it?

Things Of Old

Matter Of Dreams

Reach For His Own Way

Kiss Her Dance

Woman Circus

Golden Circus

Sweetie, Wouldn't It Be Nice

Darling, Sing With Me

He heard He's Trouble

She Hopes We Know

See You In The Shadows…

If I could change one thing...

Getting back at my bully...

I've run out of peanut butter....

When will the sun come out?

Gotta get that out of my life....

That song reminds me of...

You sow what you plant....

Recurring Dreams

Yard Sale Jingle

Worst Date Story

Food Poisoning

My Utopia

Desert Blues

Don't Panic!

Caligula's Table

I Never Knew Why

Soap and Other Poisons

Use the title of any thread from the forums.

Turn to page 53 of the closest book.

Try to play what you think your favorite song would sound like backwards.

Write about the contents of your pockets or purse.

What is the first thing you did this morning? Write about how someone much cooler than you would do the same thing.

Follow someone around and write down everything they say.

What would be your last thoughts while falling from a cliff?

What is your favorite thing you can make other than songs?

Sorry for the errors, you would not believe how hard it is to type and edit posts on this thing. [Edit: I went in and fixed them on my computer.]

Fella, Take it Outside!

@Candle here is my take based on your title "Matter of Dreams". Thanks for the inspiration!

Synthetic Sympathy

Drama in the Playground

Demons and Rayguns

Dragon Restaurant

Demands of Ratqueen

These are all misreads of the spine of a book I can't quite make out from here.

Write a song dedicated to the most striking person you saw last time you went to the shops.

Play the instrument you use the least as if it was your go-to instrument. Try to make it sound as similar as possible.

is there a surface covered with random stuff somewhere in your house? Good! Sit down in front of it and use all the stuff as your instruments.

Make up A genre then make up a band in that genre, then become them.

Figure out what Noises you make most in your everyday life, then use them as the basis off a song.

analyze the rhythm of A repetitive task, like folding laundry.

Ask someone for A silly song prompt, then write a very serous song about it.

Write A song about what you look like to strangers, too close friends, and to yourself.