Folks, PLEASE post more than just a title!

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I've looked at several zongs over the last few days where the post has been completely empty.

There's a title. And that's it. Or, in a couple of cases, a title and a basic description of the genre of the song (e.g. "This one's a slow blues.") But there's nothing for us commenters to get a grip on to provide feedback with. No lyrics, no demo, no link to Bandcamp, nothing.

If you're doing this, I believe you're missing the point of the challenge. We help each other become better songwriters by reading or listening to each other's work and leaving comments or suggestions on a track. I know from personal experience just how powerful comments from others can be as a tool for improving your endeavours. We can't do that from just a title.

We want to hear your stuff. We want to read your lyrics. PLEASE give us a chance to do so!

Also, if you're afraid of someone stealing your song or idea... honestly, it's just not likely to happen. It might. I might get hit by the one train going through my little town each week. But it's more important for the sake of the event that we get a chance to engage with and encourage you in your work!

It might also be a case of not checking the posting. Like, the user might think they've posted a demo and not checked afterwards to make sure.

To be fair, it was advertised in FAWM for years that a title is all you need to participate. Encouraging more is awesome, but if someone needs to post "only" a title in order to be creative then I'm all for that, too.

Also to be fair this is in the 50/90 FAQ:

"Do I have to post lyrics and demos of my songs?
Nope. You're only required to post a title for each new song so we can track your progress. Notes, lyrics, MP3 demos, etc. are optional. A cool thing about 50/90 is garnering feedback from fellow songwriters, but some may not be able to or even want to record/post demos of their songs, and that's fine."

So you are saying this song I've got about a small town boy who gets hit by a train and adapts to his steel prosthetic leg doesn't need any attribution. Got it.

It is difficult to provide feedback with only a title and a description of the genre or a feeling of what the song is about. As a lyrics first writer, I want to read the lyrics and then hear the music that accompanys it. I usually by-pass those who write minimally. What's too say? Maybe they don't want any feedback, just want to post a song.

I assume people are making placeholders for songs they haven't finished yet?

That happens, placeholders I mean. But there have been a few people who don’t want to share their unpolished creations on the internet so they post a title to show they’ve written a song and keep the song count going up while not revealing the song itself. If that’s the case then they are fully within the guidelines.

I guess it's good to know they've got a work in progress. Hard to comment though.