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Checking in from Fort Myers in Florida for my annual summer shut-in songwriting experience. My parents moved here from PA (I was a kid) in 1969. Except for six years mostly spent in Gainesville, FL to go to UF. Even then my permanent home address was still in Fort Myers. I have seen lots of changes. Written about some of them.

Fort Myers here, too - right down the road from @AndyGetch!
Sixteen years here - Ohio transplant. Despite all its weirdness - even more so lately - this is home.

@motisbeard Our nearest beach town is Fort Myers Beach on the Gulf Coast, which is not as famous or, apparently, as scary! Years ago, I visited West Palm Beach and had a similar experience to yours. There's the resort/tourist part (Singer Island, and the main street of downtown) and, well, everything else.
Florida is indeed an intense place to be right now ... and then add in the extra vigilance of hurricane season! But it's been home for 16 years. We moved from Ohio.

Checking in from Gainesville, formerly Tampa.