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Signing in from Fort Myers for another hot, steamy, lovebugged, tropical stormy, yet cicada-free (in these parts) 50/90. Who is here in (or at least has something to say about) Florida besides my neighbor @Chip Withrow?

Just like @AndyGetch, I'm here in Fort Myers. Moved here from Ohio 17 years ago. Florida just keeps getting weirder, but it's home.
When our daughter graduates from the nearby statewide university in three or so years, maybe we'll consider living elsewhere. One consideration, though, is that my born-and-raised-in-Ohio wife now hates being cold.

It has been interesting living over 50 years in this state with such population, demographic, and cultural shifts over my lifetime. The state population has more than tripled and the county pop I live in from 100k to almost 800k. Even when I was a kid most people I met were from somewhere else. A show of hands in a 7th grade class had maybe three kids born in FL with the other 20 born out-of-state. Now it is rare for me to meet a boomer, gen x, or even a millennial actually born and raised here. The population growth is even more interesting to me since I know a lot of people who once lived here and moved away. Not to mention those who have passed away. Maybe I write more songs about FL this 50/90 as the theme rather than the backdrop. Even though I don't write much directly about it, we're pretty well rooted here now and it is most definitely home.