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Two weeks remain, roughly, and I want to finish on a positive note. I'm not so much worried about writing songs, as they will come or not come. I want to hit the 300 mark in terms of comments given, which means that I will have to listen to about 7 songs/day from now on. That's a derisory figure for some people, and a huge reach for others. As for me, I find that an arbitrary goal focuses the mind and keeps me listening when I get a little lazy. That's what I'm gonna do. How about you?

I am going to be sad when the 50/90 ends. It has been a strong motivating factor in my writing and life. I am having so much fun. I look forward to reading and listening to all the new posts. I will miss this. I will miss the opportunity to collab with the people here. I will prepare for next year!

I will make that 300 comment mark - I didn't have a goal, but will adopt yours (thanks). FSY, you can do 7 songs a day! I still have goals to post songs, and have at least a collab or two. I will not make 50, but am still proud of what I did my first year.

i have 87 songs and have given 1335 comments, im still writing a song a day, but can stop whenever i want to, i am still listening to between 10-30 songs a day, but for the last couple weeks, i have only been leaving comments when i have something new to say. just as i have fewer song ideas, i have a more muted reaction to what i hear.

Not a good year for me to make music (lots going on), but I'm determined to hit 100 comments!

Going to hit 100 songs and 500 comments for sure. And @AndreaB make sure to join us for FAWM as well!

Like Andreab, my first 50/90 has been positive experience. Many firsts for me..collabs, using multiple tracks, technical thingies. But most of all the helpful comments and encouragement has meant the world to me. I have made 50 songs, and 500 comments. I am listening and learning, asking questions and getting answers. Thanks 50/90.
And it is almost over, and I just found Yahoo Yahoo Yahoo Yahoo Yahoo

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I had a personal goal to hit 100 before the start, could still do that if I wanted even with some stuff that's already recorded and just never posted, but don't really feel the need. I might still hit that if there's another superskirmish in the last few weeks though Wink

Really just want to focus on listening more as it winds down though and finishing up a few collaborations. I've got over 600 comments, but to be honest I could do more there. Listening and bouncing ideas around with fellow musicians/writers is my favorite part of these challenges.

I've written and posted 36 songs, so if I did a mini-fawm 14 songs in 14 days, more or less, i could get to 50. That'd require alot of effort tho, and, well, we'll see. I guess in part it depends on a few things- my available time, how many more decent ideas I have left (if any!), what the interest/commenting is happening with it all, etc.

Have posted 360 comments, I would hope I could get that to 400 before 50/90 ends. Nice to see a number of people here continuing to write and record some great things.

Looking forward to returning home later today from a 4-day trip to see my parents and siblings, then at least 2 more songs to get to 50 solo demos and to continue commenting to 300 and beyond.

Yup, prioritizing listening and commenting over music making.
Gotta get to 500 Comments given!

Made it to 50 songs, hope to get to 300 comments, but it's going to be a crunch since I'm missing the last 10 days

I'm up to 2 songs, lol. Also woefully behind on comments. Hoping to make it to at least 200 today as I have some extra time for listening. Congrats to all who are on track for 50 as well as those who have crossed over that finish line already!