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When your lyricist's brain turns to porridge
And the only rhyme offering is "borage"
A limerick might do
To season the stew,
A fact even I acknowledge!

Oh good! Lovely FiNiricks again!
Obsessing o'er FiNikus I've been!
But these please the senses
Pulling down all defenses
Curing apathy, indifference, and migraine!

Oh, no! I see how this will end
Once more I will go ‘round the bend
Hard though I try
To let this pass by
My FiNirick addiction will win

I wake up at four am and have to pee
Monkey brain crusty eyes I can barely see
I open this forum
With it's odd decorum
Apparently no more sleep tonight for me

So many familiar faces
Distracted by wordings and spaces
All is already written
So let's go to the kitchen
And practice healthy embraces!

FiNirick's time has come
It's only had a short run
So let's all make merry
With port and with sherry
And consider it dusted and done.

once a blueberry is plucked
and a red sherry is chugged
put a lime in a coconut
misuse it as a surrogate
for this line is about to self-destruct

"It's been a good run but I'm done"
Says @standup, jumping the gun.
He wants a vacation
And of songs, a cessation
But he's thinking of one more, for fun.