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Ears blocked by chaos!
When i stop running about,
Then I can listen

Listen up here, folks!
Don't think much. Look what happened
to the Queen of Hearts!

Warrior families
Arranged the marriage quickly
A Shogun wedding

He was prejudiced
Like a man with two bottoms
So very bi-assed

I wrote a drama
'Puns above a Thesaurus'
Just a play on words

A champagne moment--
I succumbed to FiNirick...
Herewith my penance.

Benedict Arnold!
Repent, for the kingdom is
Around here somewhere?

Read up on Arnold.
Conclusion? Wronged, but wronger.
Wife must have been hot!

Bruised ego, betrayal…
Such parallels I could draw!
But my lips are sealed

Avoiding politics
Is easier said than done -
I can’t help myself

They said 'bet you won't'
So just to show them, I did
But nobody looked

A political endorsement.....

No one who knows him
Would ever believe that he
Is not lying now

Isn't old Arnold
Lying quite peacefully now?
Bad egg Benedict.

One, two, three, four, five
Six, seven, eight, nine and ten
I wonder what's next

Ten, nine, eight, seven
Six, five, four, three, two, one, nil.
Nothing to see here.

Eight-thirty, press ‘Snooze’
Nine o’clock, press ‘Snooze’ again
Why not just sleep in?

Where for art thou, blessed sleep?
Alas, I know not

Wow! Those pills are strong
I feel like I've slept for years
Rip van Winkle said

May be songwriting
After I do some yoga
At Chip's studio

I feel so ashamed
At low levels of list'ning
But that will change soon!

Yes, in a weeks time,
Incarcerated for 2!
Watch me comment then!

Two weeks of iso!
(They will let us out 3 times--
For three COVID swabs)

I'm vaccinated
But not enough others are---
No spreading about!

First inside your mouth
Next, up in your nose .... then out!
That where the swab goes

Lockdown lockdown lock
Downlock downlock downlock down
Lockdown yet again

Lockdown then lockup
Repeat until everyone's
Vaccinated - twice

Lockdown opened up
We'll run for home when we can---
Into quarantine

Plain sailing to home?
It's not the decks being swabbed!
Hoist the "Q" flag now!

"I've got a ferret..."
--so that prophetic song warned--
"...sticking up my nose"

No more lockdown here
I could travel anywhere
But I choose not to