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The ref calls 'over'
But it had a good innings.
Ashes to ashes

Aussie crickets
Kiwi fruits
and little nitwit birdies

Since his overarm
Was underhand, they said it
Just wasn't cricket

Some guy from Sydney
Put Wellington in lockdown
You guys don't give up

Who would have thought it?
Asked the Minister for Health
Covid's gone viral

I'd spin a joke on
Underarm viral hygiene...
Except it's no joke.

And though you are right
There are people on Facebook
Who laugh at it all

A book of faces
Really, not a book at all
More of a sideshow

Humble origins
Telling co-eds they're ugly
Now it's something worse

Kickstarter learning:
It's difficult to work out
For whom the ball rolls.

Maybe not for thee
Money is attracted to
Offshore bank accounts

Yes, my dog has fleas
They play the ukulele
G, C, E and A

Jason hunts music.
And sails far and wide in search
After golden fleas.

The scores are now in
The Sirens team have ten points
And the Argo naught

Must be nearly time
For another wisdom pearl.
So I grit my teeth....

Back to level 1
It seems Wellington is safe
(We weren't Delta blow)

Beta blondes blow
Wishful lemonades
Go about their businesses

Heat waves, forest fires
Floods and rising sea levels
Greta, you were right

Half way down the page?
Finiku should rise again!
It must now be time...

La revolution!
These poems are revolting
A haiku d'etat

There's only two days
Before this challenge fires up
Write more FiNiKu!

How many summers
Have breezed by
For this one

After the initial splash
Finikus are usually back
Don't they?

I like writing haiku
A samurai will always
Pass by

Oh predictive text!
You claim to tell the future
But you're no profit

I wrote this because my phone changed 'Greta' to 'Great' in my climate change Finiku, six entries above this one on this page. Sad

Greta is truly
Great; I'd greet the great Greta
With "Greta! You're great!"

My head's in the clouds
All my files are in my hat
I'm muddled again

I see the topic
Five-seven-five thoughts begin
Resistance? Futile!

Champagne uncorked? Check.
Computer drives backed up? Check.
Well practised? No...wait...

Two things I must change
To make my songs sound better
The words and music Smile

a coda is
what coda does

(the u in japanese is sometimes silent)

auto-finish is
ready for the first date and
I'll be ready too

(this haiku brought to you by iOS 14.6)

Themes start to appear!
It seems that champagne will reign
Where once the worms ruled.

A fly is frozen
mid-flight, mid-air - some magic
to scare the children.

And why is it so
That FiNirick is more fun?
More room for champagne!

Haiku is, for verse,
une methode traditionelle
- or equivalent

Traditionelle? Bah!
Bubbles! Alcohol! lo-carb!
It's all brut & dried!

It's only Haiku
If from Japan, else it's just
Sparkling poetry

Yes, my name is 'ku'
Poets greet me in the street
They always say 'hai-'

My haikus are fake
Like supermarket sushi
Japanese, they ain't

I'm a haiku hack,
A counter of syllables,
Maths, not poetry.

There are just three lines
And seventeen syllables
But a lot, lot more

And yet there maybe
A reason to keep counting
And drawing the lines

I will keep going
Counting, counting and thinking
About what to write

The fish in the sea
Do not feel the summer breeze
What do we not feel?

I have been reading
Japanese fairy stories
There's a lot of fish!

PS, this is true
I have been reading those tales
That tell about fish

One day you will feel
The weight of expectations
Just slipping away

Bloody hell. Enough!
Got to get back to writing
Dum-dum, dumb dumb songs

Life is uneven:
Out of chaos, chaos comes.
We progress crabwise.