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How can one resist?
Of doom and gloom and lockdowns,
The antithesis!

It's 50/90!
Time to get those songs written!
Welcome back, people!!

Happy Father's Day!
Daughter made waffles for me
while I played banjo.

Summer songwriting
Sustainability themes?
or electric cars

He aha te wa?
Ko te wa ki te tuhi-
tuhi waiata!

(What time is it now?
It is the time of writing -
The writing of songs)

"Wake up!'' shouts the Muse.
"Since your time is running out,
You must use it well!"

I don't like haiku.
They are quite predictable.
Sonnets are better.

This Fifty Ninety
I promise: No songs about

Just eleven days
Okay actually twelve
until songwriting starts

Sonnets? well and good,
But mine morph into lyrics.
Haiku is the pith.

Tim, with that last line
I think you're taking the pith.
Theriouthly now.

Marthter Thtephen pithed?!
Itth thauthageth on the thlab.
(Now, Igor, stop that!)

(apologies to Pratchett's Ghost)

As a child I lithped.
Everyone would laugh at it.
Now it's my revenge.

Learnt how to pith toads.
Nervous system electrics.
Not for the squeamish.

Hereby, Finiku
Returns to its rightful place,
On top of the heap.

Super prolific
Now thats a new one on me
All these summer songs

'Existential angst'
Is not an acceptable
'Illness' on work forms.

Comments on my songs
Saying my surname is apt
Will be reported

Angst existential
Can be blamed for anything
It's universal.

Rather than lurking,
Why not get some practice in
Writing poetry?

Google web machine
Attacks with too much knowledge
Overloads my brain

So, Mr Wordsmith!
Who had guessed that your name was
In fact Stephen Apt?

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So fifty ninety
Should I even try this here
Bitter still so near

Summer writing songs
Beginning is the hardest
Will I or won’t I

Fireworks much too loud
My dog has PTSD
Independence Day?

Black lives do matter
Why some Kansans filled with hate

Moving of my thumbs
Time to stop I really should
Other things to do

At four thirty-nine
Sun sits on the bridge summit
To blind motorists.

(26th of June.
It must be a special day:
Machine sacrifice?)

waves cannot drown me
the sun cannot scorch my chest
autonomy mine

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New project guitar
Arrived by UPS now
Something to bide time

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syllables cant count
using fingers more and more
public schools, go team!

I don’t get all this
What are you all on about
Searching for answers

Never quite got this thread
It was always a mystery
Then google solved it

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Google saves the day
Too bad top answers are ads
greed strikes yet again

Where would we all be
Without self-interest and greed?
Oh, yeah. Shangri-La.

An exquisite corpse
Xylophone melodica
and vocals why not

I'm up way too late
Somehow still not done with work
On a Saturday

I’m too tired to think
No energy for rhyming
I can still count, though

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Easy to count ten
Can count to twenty lately
Not worn shoes for months

Time to get coffee
As the day has just begun
And I'm half asleep

Cabin fever looms,
Though I promise I won't go
Jack Torrance on you.

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All work and no play
Makes me a dull boy indeed
Can make no promise

It's a paradox!
The promise of no promise!
Lao Tzu rejoicing!

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Anomalies abound here
Helps to jump start brain

Wordsmith discovers
ONE WEIRD TRICK to write Haiku
With tiny word count!

phobiacs HATE him!

They broke blacksmiths' knees
To bind them to their forges.
What then for wordsmiths?

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Wrists chained to tables
To keep them from wanking off
It seemed to of worked

Why would the tables
Be wanking off, and why would
They want to stop them?

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Tables get horny
Best if use that energy
To remain stable

The stable table
And the wibbly-wobbly chair
Were very good friends. Smile

Neighborhood fireworks
Rowdy has PTSD
Won't go out to pee