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It had to happen,
Haiku doors opening wide.
(You know you want it!)

But why so quickly?
Could it not have just waited
A little longer?

My wife rolls her eyes
Yet another summer lost
To my silly songs

Running out of time!
Important things? Do them NOW!
I can hear the scythe!

Death comes for us all.
And apparently so does
FiNiKu, I see

Death can take a seat
I've far too much work to do
Can't be bothered now!

Weighing on my mind,
Arranging funeral songs.
Death has come and gone.

[Not tragedy, mind:
His was a long, good innings.
Would we do so well]

For sale: baby shoes.
Never worn (unwanted prize
In football raffle)

A football raffle?
With your talent, seems unfair--
You were a shoe win.

Life is stressful now,
But bad puns? There's no excuse.
I should be ashamed.

Mermaid met centaur
Had two beautiful children,
Human and seahorse

Heavens to Betsy!
Snagglepuss haiku are fun
Amusing, even

Snagglepuss accent
Now intrudes on all I read!
Major Minor Laughs Smile

Meta poetry
Lives on in spite of it all
In 50/90

This year won't kill my
Productivity, I say

Flat rotisserie
It’s Pizzazz™, pizza oven
Goodbye counter space

Ditch your pizza for
A calzone rustico!
A Close En-counter!

five syllables
followed by seven seas
nonsense indeed

Homonyms allowed?
Four C's can make a good song:

Once a lady from Insbruck
Thought she's written a book
Go figure

What are the names of
The seven seas, exactly?
I only get 5...

Pirate alphabet:
I, I, R, and seven Cs
An X for treasure

Name the Seven seas?
It's a cheat: just five oceans,
Two split north and south

Lists 77 seas
There are caveats

A chicken sandwich
It is not just a sandwich
Not in this country

I haven't yet made it to
Sunset Strip (snap! snap!)

"Act your age!" they shout!
"You are old, Father Willyum"!
But I can't act well...

As loud as they shout
Your actions will speak louder
Bring me the earmuffs

I act as needed.
So for those hard of hearing,
I give you...earworms!

A voice in your head
Telling you what must be done
Mine tells me, “Pizza...”

If Tool were a tool
They'd be a pizza cutter
All edge and no point

Maynard James Keenan
When will the next album drop?
The Christmas album

Lots of ideas
Have not written songs in months
Watch the collision

Or burst explosion
When green irresistable
Greys immovable

tools are dulled
by infrequent use
in mind cellars

minds are also dulled
by too frequent boozing on
in home wine cellars.

The mind seller said,
"We hawk only top shelf brains."
That's what's the matter.

A mind is a ter-
(Please excuse enjambement)
-rible thing to waste

Don't buy body parts!
The problem with top shelf brains?
They all lack kidney...

Few things delight me
(Just learned the term "enjambment"!)
As much as these threads!

eniambed and anapested
what superdactyllic delight
triads to sing

Considers twelve notes
Multiplied by three octaves
My guitar covers

When on a good day
I can sing maybe seventeen
Into humility

Such humility!
But at seventeen octaves
Bats fall out of skies!

Bats! Bats from the skies
So that's how Australia
Wins its Test Matches

Very underhand!
(But New Zealanders would say
"Very underarm".)

It's because they are
As far as I can see it
Always down under

Aussie cricketers
Can be coarse, but show much grit
Like, say, sandpaper...

You are in error.
They did not show any grit--
'twas used out of sight.

A fashion statement:
The grit briefly brought to rise
A new rash in jocks.

Let the cricket lie,
There's too much low-hanging fruit.
Need to straighten up!