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Music is just maths, right?

The Fibonacci series is created by adding together the two previous numbers of the series, so it progresses 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34...

My buddy Nick (MikeTangoCharlie on Twitch) challenged me to write a song based on the Fibonacci series. And my pal David (ArrayOfEmotions on Twitch) quickly added that the band Tool have already done exactly this with their song Lateralus (there's a YouTube video about just how crazily they went for it, which is well worth watching: )

The challenge, then, is to write a song where each line's syllable count, beat count, tempo or anything else musical matches the series. You can continue the series for the chorus, or start afresh, or even do what Tool did and work back down again. It's up to you.

Please tag your songs with "Fibonacci Challenge"

And if you want to listen to my attempt, it's *48934.

How about beat count instead of syllables?

@Fuzzy For sure! Whatever floats your boat. Go for it!

Oh man, I had a professor give us this assignment. I hope it’s ok if I link my track — it was the only song I wrote that whole course that I actually liked.

Problem is that fibonazzi series escalates pretty fast,hard to find any musical relations on that scale,and i don`t want to repeat parts.

But MAYBE if fibonazzi number is divided by pi ,and the desimals are some cool and mysterious musical relations?

Both pi and sounds got something to do with circle,so it can`t be cheating?

Let`s see... 196418/pi is ,oh dear, x.791224447796122105222068205‬.

Okay,maybe just round the desimal,and they are just intervals..second desimal determines if the interval is flat or sharp.
Every desimal of each fibonacci number also could be a melody,and decimal of 3 or more consecutive number could be chords.

There must be a way to automate this calculation and change these values to midi file...

Took awhile but here is mine *49501

Ooooooh, this sounds like fun. Smile I may give it a shot.

If you guys need a good example BT used this idea and applied it to a song:

Well that was fun! Thanks @headfirstonly for the great idea Smile
Here's mine: *49579

Here's an offering from @metalfoot and me:

Finally got something done. "Fibonachos"

Fun fact: you can convert from miles to kilometers using the Fibonacci sequence.

1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89...

3 miles => 5 km
13 miles => 21 km
55 miles => 89 km
and so on Wink