Fawmstock video playlist?

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Has anyone put together a playlist of all the videos? Was looking forward to watching it live but... Blimin’ forgot, didn’t I!? ;(

I don't know how many or if any of the Zoom broadcasts were recorded Sad

Twitch archive all my content for sixty days so it's already available at https://www.twitch.tv/headfirstonly but I'll also be uploading it to my YouTube channel later today.

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I didn't feel right recording it with all the people there. It's a shame for sure, but what can you do.

I didn't record either of mine, although I did think about it. I was concerned that I would have had to have gone around getting permission from everyone ahead of time, and that was impossible since I had no idea who would turn up !

I played
“The battle at bachelorsfield”


“Out (remix)” by @metalfoot OhLeahLeah and DJ Kenneth A (me)


Had an absolute blast last night. Thank you all. Such a talented group sharing

(Leah put up Out on Spotify, iTunes etc. )