FAWMSTOCK: Songwriting discussion and skirmish

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Hi FAWMily! I will be hosting two slots this FAWMSTOCK. I've included the info for each session and the link to the Facebook messenger room. You do NOT need a Facebook account or a login to join. Smile

Friday August 14, 2020 5 pm PDT, 8 PM EDT, 1200am GMT
TOPIC: Songwriting tips and tricks
FORMAT: Open discussion on songwriting techniques, strategies, and tools

Saturday August 15, 2020 noon PDT, 3 pm EDT; 7 pm GMT
TOPIC: Skirmish!
FORMAT: A topic will be announced at the start of the hour. If there's time at the end, we can have a skirmish open mic. If you don't finish, don't worry! I'll create a separate skirmish thread to post your songs afterward.

LINK: https://msngr.com/Vx0mRI19y2DY6nqC

This is gonna be fun!

Hoping to tune in tomorrow for the songwriting session!

I'll try and be there for the skirmish Smile The other one is at 1am BST for me, so I might be asleep Smile

Sounds like fun! Planning to be there for the Saturday skirmish. Smile

As promised: Close Your Eyes Forever, with trumpet and banjo metal solo.


And since I mentioned them:
Power metal about unicorns and bunnies:

Musical theater metal about dinosaurs:

That was an extraordinary discussion. Thanks for facilitating it @Robyn Mackenzie

Is there a FAWMstock notice page?
Didn't know about today.
Was there last year, but apparently something is going on now

@sherrycanary Yes: Today and tomorrow. Links available at https://www.facebook.com/events/1279727439080950/ and http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/content/online-fawmstock-here-there-everywhere-august-14-15-2020 We have been announcing it on Facebook and Fawm and here on 5090 since early July. Please join us.

@ductapeguy you're welcome! I had a blast and there were so many good tips from so many talented people.

Here's the official thread for the skirmish tomorrow: http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/content/live-skirmish-saturday-august-15th-noon-pdt-3-pm-edt-7-pm-gmt