FAWMstock Songwriters in the Round Virtual Open Mic

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Greetings! Please join me (Scubed) Saturday, Aug. 15, at 11am MDT (10am PDT, 1PM EDT, 5pm) for an hour-long virtual songwriters’ circle via Zoom. After briefly introducing ourselves around the circle, we’ll take turns performing our original songs for each other. One song per turn (maximum of five minutes, including introductions and commentary); the number of turns will depend on the number of participants. Lyric readings and instrumental performances welcome!

Before signing into the meeting, please add your 50/90 name to your display name. (Example: Zoom will identify me as “Sharon Stepler (Scubed).”)

Here’s the link to join the meeting:


Meeting ID: 302 208 6397

Which day is this please ?

@Amanda West, it’s on Saturday, Aug. 15.

Cheers !

6pm BST Smile I'll try and be there Smile

Trying to join but I get a message that says there's a meeting already in progress

Shoot! I’ve had this happen before. Let me close & reopen.