FAWMSTOCK: Live from the Brown Couch!

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FAWMstock 2020
Alex Klages: Live from the Brown Couch

Tonight at 10 pm my time (11 EDT, 8 PDT, stupidly early in the morning in Europe, pleasantly during the day in Aussieland/NZ) I'm going to do a brown couch concert live on Zoom!
Fair warning: the local internet provider is, um, not very good. There is a high-probability chance that my stream will crash briefly at some point. If it does, bear with me and I'll be back as soon as possible. The new provider is just starting to lay the fiber optic lines in my town so by the late fall I should be on a service about 30-50 times faster than what I currently have (at a reduced cost to what I'm currently paying!).

I've cobbled together a setlist of about 12 songs for you and I'm looking forward to playing some of my favourite songs including some of my collabs from over the years.

Connexion info:
Meeting ID: 873 4874 5536 Passcode: 594132

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working on my fiber optic lines here as well........probably why I won't be able to attend any of these......I have no problem with sharing/upload big files and such it's steady just not very good here either haha.........If things are okay tonight I'll give it a shot Smile ......that's about the time my net is working here nicely when all the regular folks are logging off haha.

Ready to rock!

Thanks to everyone who came and enjoyed!

Fabulous job!

I didn't see this till 3hours after. I should pay more attention...

So bummed I missed it! Massive storm came through and knocked out my power and internet most of the night. Sad