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this is a safe typo to make now. Smile check it out: http://fawm.com

after several years of trying (and saving up your donations), we were able to secure this domain name and steer it away from the — ehem — "unsavory" site it became circa 2006. thanks for all your patience, donations, and support!

WHAAAT! That's AMAZING news! (Dances around room)



That is SO cool, Burr. Thank you! <3

Work filter still blocks it using Fortiguard labs. I put in a request to reclassify it.


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Nice! I'm sure I'm guilty of sending lots of people to the wrong place. I didn't even know where that site used to go until last year, while I got a good laugh out of it I'm sure some people felt differently about me when I told them about this really cool website and probably inadvertently sent them there Biggrin

@burrsettles, two words:

Awe. Some. Smile