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Just tried to take a look at the FAWM merch on the donations page, but clicking the bigcartel link just leads to an "oops, we can't find that page" error. I mean, sure, I already have two FAWM rock-hands t-shirts, but they're getting older and I might need a third! Biggrin

They've moved to a bandcamp page but yeah, Eric needs to update the link I think. https://fawm.bandcamp.com/

Also, @Eric Distad, when I try to delete my duplicate comment I get a pop-up error box.

Alas! I've visited the new Bandcamp site, but the only t-shirts currently left are size S, which I am assuredly not. At least I still have my two current shirts (purchased in prior years), until such a time as the larger sizes may return to stock!