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Hi! So I wanna buy a hoody (maybe two) from the FAWM shop - What are the sizes like? Are the sizes generally tight fitting or loose?

It might be a medium I buy but the sizes may be different across the pond. I'm in the UK. Cheers!

I have a medium and a large a couple of years old. I like to wear the medium on light weather days and the large on cooler layering days. Being 100% cotton they may have shrunk a teeny bit. Or I gained a few pounds since last winter and now the medium fits too tight as do all my other medium tops. So thanks for the remind to get an extra large as I wear these hoodies more than any other.

Laying flat they measure:
size/at the waist/armpit bottom across the chest/bottom of zipper to neck
M, 18.5" , 21" , and 22"
L, 19.5" , 22" , and 23.5"