FAWM file hosting site not trusted?

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My phone and computer are now allowing me to open/listen to any songs that are hosted on the FAWM file hosting site noting that it is insecure and may have been hacked. I am able to listen to songs at other sites where FAWMers/5090ers have their music. Is anyone else getting that message when they try to open songs, for instance songs posted by @dzd which seem to be at the FAWM hosting site?

It is an issue with Apple and browsers like Safari, who are covering their asses. They just updated their sites, and are trying to be more proactive, and less responsible, in case people get hacked from insecure sites. But FAWM has always been an insecure site since I started. I just rebooted, put in my passwords again, read through the warning, and checked that I acknowledged,, and that got my computer gods happy again.

Aha! I suspect that this explains why some folks are reporting that they can't play my songs any more, which are hosted on files.fawmers.org...