Fake Band Name "A is for ABBA"

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Tarantula Heimlich

Turner & Powell

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Underutilized Anachronisms

Very Good & The Overachievers

Who Farted?

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Tza Tza Ziki

Uh What's Going On Here?

Very Funny

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Wildly Inappropriate Music

Xtra Xen

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Tetanus and Cressida

Uh Oh

V comes before T as do X and W


Xander's Scooby Gang Band

Young Tooters

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Za Za Ziki

Sorry, when I first used this "salt & paprika" was shown before my entry. Viva la reload button...

All Hucked Up

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Back To The Alphabet

Come on, people!

Dumb, Dumber, and Dumbest

Everyone Is Better Than Me

(Ezra's Retirement Band)

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(Okay...have you ever come up with a "fake" band name off the top of your head and then thought, Hmm, I bet that's an actual band name? Well, it turns out that Forsooth! has a Bandcamp page. They even have the exclamation point. I'm gonna leave it here, though.)

Glad to Be Here

Hatters are Mad

I Ee Dee

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Jumpin Jehosephats ft. Willie's Wonka's, The

@fresh spotless youth All the time, Jumpin Jehosephats exist I see after a search, and so does Willie's Wonka's, but this I suppose is a teamup of just the Jehosephats and just the Wonka's they left Willie at home Biggrin

Kicking Poop

Let's Eat Grandma!

More Cowbell

Nicht Sprechen (A German Instrumental Rock Band. It literally means: "Don't Speak")

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The Opulent Outhouses

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The Poop Sheds

Quality Guaranteed or Your Money Back

Rock and a Hard Place

Silly Sounds

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Tsk! Tsk! Tsk!

Us Sing Good

Virulent Eyesocket

Wally Walrus and The Boat Sinkers

Xta Sea

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Yes We Have No Cavendish Bananas

Zero Bananas

(Didn't you hear what Ken said? Wink )

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About a Buoy

Buoy George

Can't Buoy My Love

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Damn That Buoy!

Every Good Buoy Does Fine

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Fantastical Adventures of a Buoy Gone Rogue, The

Great Buoys & The Reef

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