Fake Band Name "A is for ABBA"

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Kings of the Golf Course

Literally Terrible

Kittens on the Edge of a Nervous Brakedown

Make Me

See You In The Shadows…

Not My Problem

Only Geese

Ptarmigan Police

Quagmire & The Soft Footings

See You In The Shadows…

Racing Robert and the Pitcrew

Stuffy and the Noses

Tubeway Smarmy

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Ultra clogs

Very Explosive Turtles

We Suck

X is it.

Yule Never No

Zebramuscles on Steroids


Banana Peel Joints

Cold Nanners

Droid & The Robots

See You In The Shadows…

Enough's Enough

Fine If You Want It

Gang Green

Hank Grill ‘Ems

Ice Ice Adolescent

Jailbait Bananas

Kan Nut Spel

Leisure Suit Larry and the Light In the Loafers Boys

Mighty Mighty Millipedes

Necron Fly-by

Oople & the Nay-Nays


See You In The Shadows…

Questionable Hygiene

Rich Cakerson and the Sprinkles

Salty Sam and the Saxaphonettes

Trash Is Delicious

Underwear Optional

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Vulcan Wonderland

Wonderful Vulcans


Young Vulcan Love

Zoinks! Vulcans!

Ask Me About My Ass

Bivalve Vulcans

Cute Badonkadonk

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Dumper Bumpers

Early Birds

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Freeze Vulcans, freeze!

Great Band! (Not really...)