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This is the master thread for the Exquisite Corpse challenge. Each group is listed below and will be updated as quickly as possible. If you see an open slot and want to claim it, or you want to start a new group, let me know.

But what is an Exquisite Corpse, you ask?

One person records 1 minute of music and sends the last 10 seconds to the next person on the list. They write 1 minute of music based on the sample they received, and then send their last 10 seconds to the third person, and so on until everyone on the list have completed 1 minute of music. Each minute-long piece of music is also sent to a coordinator, the stitcher, who pieces all the fragments together to create one song. Each group will have a designated "guiding principle," such as acoustic only, simple production, heavy production, mixed or open production, prog, lyrics first, backwards, etc.

Here are the current groups:

1. @ballyhoot (stitcher) — DONE
2. @metalfoot — DONE
3. @sph -- DONE
4. @Vom Vorton — DONE
5. @fresh spotless youth -- DONE
6. @see-man-ski — DONE

Finished Track: http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/song/44127

1. @metalfoot (stitcher) — DONE
2. @Tabitha L. — DONE
3. @Tim Fatchen — DONE
4. @dzd — DONE
5. @ballyhoot — DONE
6. @lowhum — DONE

Finished Track: http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/song/44135

1. @AndyGetch (stitcher) — DONE
2. @Tabitha L. — DONE
3. @metalfoot — DONE
4. @ballyhoot — DONE
5. @lowhum -- DONE

Finished Track: http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/song/42924


1. @headfirstonly (stitcher) — DONE
2. @dzd — DONE
3. @sbs2018 — DONE
4, @AndyGetch — DONE

Finished Track: http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/song/45735

1. @AndyGetch (stitcher) — DONE
2. @dzd — DONE
3. @Fuzzy — DONE
4. @ballyhoot — DONE
5. @kahlo2013 — DONE

Finished Track:

1. @failedluddite (stitcher) — DONE
2. @sph — DONE
3. @Zeekle — DONE
4. @Fuzzy — DONE
5. @lowhum — DONE

Finished Track: http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/song/44146

1. @dzd (stitcher) — DONE
2. @sph — DONE
3. @kahlo2013 — DONE
4. @Fuzzy — DONE
5. @ballyhoot — DONE

Finished Track: http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/song/45177

If I missed anyone or made any mistakes, please let me know.

Yes, please. This year at FAWM the Corpses were largely left for dead, as it were. 50/90 is a better time for these-- more time to get them done!

Sure! I'm up for acoustic, simple, and backwards. Oh wait, that pretty much describes my songwriting recording process LOL.

So that’s 3 of us! Need at least 2 more i think to have a good length.

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Count me in.

I've not done one of these for a while, sign me up!

Hey awesome! Looks like we have 5. That’s enough for at least one group. Let’s start with a simple production corpse if that’s ok. I can start and do the stitching, though I’ve never done that before. If nobody has any special requests, we’ll go in order of posting.


1. Ballyhoot (me)
2. Metalfoot
3. Sph
4. Vom Vorton
5. @fresh spotless youth
6. @see-man-ski

We could probably tack on a 6th person or start a new group if anyone else wants to play... I’m probably up for doing more than one if the interest is there.

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Wonderful. Stitching is not that hard @ballyhoot - but if you need help I can show you how I did it.

Hey, never done one of these before but I would be keen to give it a go. I can do acoustic, and simple production. If people are wanting to write a song backwards then I'm up for that too.

Group B: Acoustic

1. Metalfoot (stitcher)
2. Tabitha L
3. Tim Fatchen
4. dzd
5. Ballyhoot

So I guess this one's full up-- I'll try to get the ball rolling on the first day of 50/90 (but we'll see how things go!)

More in hope than anger, I'll put in for the Group B: I might run into problems but at #3 there's time to gracefully bow out if I have to...

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I'd be down for an acoustic one.

You can add me to group B as well!!! Smile

I'm up for a experimental/progressive corpse, anyone else interested I can stitch.

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sure Wink an experimental one sounds fun too, but better just sign up for the 2 though for now, don't wanna over enthusiastically over commit Smile schedule is still pretty free for the foreseeable future, but ya never know Wink

Never done this but if you need more drums, let me know - lol!

Group C: Backwards
Generally the same approach as other corpses except the first songwriter (me in this case) is last on the recording and each songwriter sends the first (instead of last) ten seconds or so (whatever makes sense) of the recording to the next songwriter. The recording order of the songwriters is in reverse, or backwards and for clarity is noted below. Along with the 'you're up' note I suggest leaving a soundboard message with the lyrics and musical info like chords for the ten seconds, time signature, tempo, key, etc. Similarly the next songwriter writes a minute, sends the first ten seconds to the next writer, and the full minute to the stitcher, and so on. Also please send the full minute with lyrics to the stitcher (also me). The writing in reverse thing is mindbending enough so my thought is to have no musical restrictions on this one.

1. (fifth in the recording) @AndyGetch (stitcher)
2. (fourth in the recording) @Tabitha L.
3. (third in the recording) @metalfoot
4. (second in the recording) @ballyhoot
5. (first in the recording)

Oh heck, sign me up for the backwards corpse too.

@metalfoot I had a feeling but did not want to presume.

You can sign me up for the backwards one as well. I can’t do prog or experimental so I can’t join that effort. But let’s officially declare it as:


1. @Mt.Mélodie (stitcher)
2. @headfirstonly
3. @dzd
4. @sbs2018
5. @AndyGetch

@sbs2018, Just to be clear, exquisite corpses aren’t created by each person contributing a track that gets mixed with other tracks. Each participant puts together all the elements for a one-minute song, then all the songs are “stitched” together to create a sort of Frankenstein monster of a song.

So if you want to join us and try throwing together a one-minute song , let me know. You can join one of the existing groups or we can create a new one with a different theme.

@ballyhoot very cool I have added you to the Group C: Backwards. Even though my guitar skills are not prog-worthy IRL , I could fake it for a minute and am intrigued by the experimental aspect of Group D so maybe put me in last. I'm willing to give up the spot in D if it fills up and another wants to play.

Oh, yes, thank you. Btw, the drums comment was meant to be kind of a joke since my songs are beat heavy. Ha!

You could toss me at the end of the simple production group...or not, if you think you've got all the folks you need there. Or I could kick off a simple-minded production corpse...

@sbs2018, so do you have a preference which group you want to join? The backwards corpse is open production. You would be the last one to go, though your song would end up at the beginning. So you would transition off of my song. I mainly do guitar-based pop/rock/blues/country/punk .... or whatever it is. Lol. Or you could join the prog/experimental group, or we could start a new group. The new group could be open production/anything goes. Just let me know so I know where to place you.... thanks!!!

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Throw me anywhere in the middle of group D as well prog/experimental

Done!!! Smile

@fresh spotless youth, can we add you to the end of the backwards corpse? Group C.... It’s open production so you can do whatever you like.

I'm not going to turn down anything labelled progressive or experimental, am I? Please sign me up for Group D.

Done!!! Smile

This looks like it could be fun, can I please get tacked on to group A. Starting simple sounds like good place get going.

Ok I went ahead and added @fresh spotless youth and @see-man-ski to the end of Group A....

Prog/Experimental sounds good. Thanks!

@ballyhoot since group A seems to be in high demand, I am happy to give up my spot in group A: Simple Production, to be part of (and stitch) a Group E Lo-Fi (low fidelity) corpse.
Group E: Lo-Fi
1. @AndyGetch (stitcher)
2. @dzd
5. @Mt.Mélodie

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okay, I said I'd only sign up for two, but Lo-Fi is my wheelhouse haha, count me in there too Smile

I might be busy first week or two, but really nothing else happening IRL may as well.

@sbs2018 you are now added to prog/experimental group.

@AndyGetch ok I removed you from group a. But I don’t really care how big that group gets to be honest. We could let it be a kaiju corpse and let it grow till the end of 50/90. So if you want to be re-added, let me know.

@AndyGetch I would like to join the lo-fi one, preferably as the last in line. Been hoarding up on crappy/lo-fi mic's and dictaphones the last year that would be nice to put to use.

@ballyhoot thanks I am really excited about the level of interest in this project so far. To state the obvious we do have 90 days. Reading the @sbs2018 drum comment makes me wonder if there is interest in a specific instrument themed corpse (I don't recall that being done here) where everyone plays the same one/two instrument(s). Vocals are welcome of course. Some possibilities are drums, cowbell, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, banjo, ukelele, mandolin, piano, keyboards, harmonica, etc.. @dzd @Mt.Mélodie thanks and looking forward to our lo-fi minutes! Inspires me to dig out my crappy condenser mic LOL.

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@AndyGetch slide whistles and thumb pianos? While maybe interesting, 5+ minutes of a mashup of that might make even those of us who aren't already quite insane Smile a dime store Captain Beefheart's magical band hahaha.

I think instrument specific corpses could be doable, just need enough people expressing an interest in the same instrument. Though to be clear, are we saying ONLY that instrument, or that instrument plus optional vocals?

good point @ballyhoot about vocals, I edited the post to clarify that yes vocals are welcome. For sufficient interest I'm thinking one person to volunteer to stitch and at least three participants? I guess we will see. @dzd I have a thumb piano, and think I still have a kids slide whistle. Imagine that song being picked randomly. ROFL

This sounds like fun. I’d like to have a go. Is there still space in the prog/experimental group or is that now full?

@failedluddite, we allotted 5 slots for the prog exquisite corse and they are all filled. I will leave it up to @Mt.Mélodie whether they are open to adding a 6th a slot or if it would be better to try to start a second prog corpse....

@failedluddite and @ballyhoot I think from experience that it might be better to start a second experimental/progressive corpse, five per corpse is a fine number. I can stitch and participate in a second one as long as I don't have to start it, if needed.

Sign me up please, any group - happy to try something new.

In that case, I don’t mind starting a new one (probably be more experimental than prog but anything goes.) happy to stitch it as well if you want, @Mt.Mélodie

Group F (Experimental/anything goes)
1. Failedluddite
2. @sph
3. @Zeekle
(Mt.Mélodie if needed)

@Zeekle looks like there’s still space in Group E (lo-Fi), run by @AndyGetch, and my new Group F (Experimental). Give me or Andy a shout if you want to join either group.

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Quite a bit going on here! @failedluddite sign me in on your experimental anything round. I can stitch as well

@Zeekle, @failedluddite, @AndyGetch, there’s also one slot left for the “backwards” corpse, which is open production.

@failedluddite. @ballyhoot. Many thanks for the options. Can I try the Experimental (Group F) please? Something new for a change .

Have added @sph and @Zeekle to group F. Still 2 spaces left, though @Mt.Mélodie can have one if there's no other takers. It seems to make sense if the stitcher is the first person in the group, so I'll do that.

I have updated my original post so that it contains all the identified groups and listed musicians. I'll update it as groups progress and/or as we add new musicians or new groups. I'll also post a link there to each finished song. That way, we can have a go-to place that compiles all the important EC information so people don't have to dig through the entire thread.

Also, @AndyGetch, what are the criteria for something to be considered "lo-fi"?