50/90 is awesome. Let's keep it that way!

These guidelines go beyond the Terms of Service. Please read and abide by them for a better 50/90 experience for everyone.

  • Keep the focus on creativity and productivity.
  • Everyone will be reasonable.
  • Everyone expects everyone else to be reasonable.
  • Do not be offended if someone suggests you are not being reasonable.
  • Reasonable people think about their use of this site, and the needs of others, and adjust their behavior to meet the goals of a common good for the community, i.e., expressing what you want to say, but accepting and accommodating the needs of others.

Volunteer moderators will work to make sure this principle stays on track. Mods reserve the right to remove posts from the forum which they feel may disrupt the discussion within a thread or may mislead other members or lock threads that are disruptive or counterproductive. If you have questions about a moderation action, you can use the Contact page - or email [email protected]

In general practical terms, this means:

  • Keep comments constructive.
  • No attacks, insults, or flamewars (even if you feel attacked, insulted, or flamed).
  • If you see abusive comments, use the “report abuse” button and let the moderators know.
  • If you get frustrated with the site or its users, take a break and go write some songs!
  • If you feel a 50/90er has “cheated” (posting covers, recycling old songs, etc.), don't make a scene. Maybe it is against the ethos of FAWM/5090 (maybe not?), but that does not undermine your own achievements!

The Internet is a weird and sometimes rude place. Help us make FAWM/5090 the Internet at its best! More detailed suggestions below...

Posting Songs

  • If responding to a challenge, use the tag prescribed by the songwriter who issued the challenge (usually in the first post)
  • Reserve the “favorite” checkbox () for the 2-3 songs you most want feedback on (don't just “favorite” everything). These will usually be your “best” or favorite songs, but it's meant as a guide for participants looking to provide feedback but don't have time to listen to all of your 50/90 material.
  • If you “feast” (i.e., write several songs in one sitting), flag your songs accordingly (). That way people can wait to listen to them all together, or optionally filter them out of the jukebox (some fawmers/5090ers prefer to skip these when giving feedback and short on time).
  • If posting songs with profanity or explicit themes, please check the NSFW or “Not Safe For Work” box (). This will let listeners know what to expect, and filter accordingly.


  • When you are posting a collaboration, you must ensure that you have confirmation from all parties involved before posting the song and naming them as collaborators!
  • Only the first 3 collaborators added to a song will get "credit" in the system. A work around is to post the song under a "group" account.
  • If the song doesn't say that it open to collaboration, it's best to assume it isn't.

In the Forums

Fawmers/5090ers come from all over the world. If someone says something you find offensive, it might just be getting “lost in translation” (it's pretty hard to communicate with strangers solely in writing anyway). Even if they are being rude, you don't have to fan the flames.
It could also be that you just don't get along. That's fine, too.
Please keep in mind:

  • You're not going to change anyone's mind over the Internet
  • Give people the benefit of the doubt.
  • Do not use personal insults.
  • Do not insult other people's songs, websites, albums, etc.
  • Please keep threads on topic!
  • Please don't take offense if a moderator locks or alters your thread/post. Contact them at [email protected] with questions. (We'll do our best to communicate when something gets locked, but there are only a few of us. We have a good reason, we promise!
  • If there is a general thread for a topic, please do not create a new one (eg - demo updated)
  • Please don't create a forum topic to solicit feedback on your songs. It can get annoying! If you're a newbie who is seriously getting no love, it's OK to do it (once), but don't make a habit of it.

Commenting on Songs

  • Focus on the song rather than the demo (if any).
  • Don't discuss your rating of the song (if any).
  • Accentuate the positive.
  • Generally avoid negative remarks. Constructive criticism is OK, though.
  • Phrase any criticisms in a way that suggests how to improve the song (not show off your expertise).
  • Check the song page or the songwriters profile for more information about the type of comments sought (e.g. go easy, be tough, seeking feedback on a particular aspect of the song).

Thanks for making 50/90 even more awesome!