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Legendary composer Ennio Morricone has died at the age of 91.


Coincidentally I watched a film that he scored last night, and was amazed by the way he could include a motif based on the not-entirely-musical sound of a donkey and still make it totally rule.

I thought it might be interesting to attempt a song in his style, or use samples from his work, and I thought maybe that would interest other people too - if you do, tag it #morricone and post it here!

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That's heartbreaking, but I'm actually a bit shocked he was still around at the same time Wink
What a load of wonderful stuff he did!, and how many boring old western movies he made watchable for the score alone Smile

I did this take off of his work several years ago.

I started working on something today. Using guitar to lay down the chord changes, because that's familiar and works best, but I'm adding the BBC "Discover" orchestra which is a new thing I've never tried. Results may be weird.

He's been a hero of mine for decades. I will definitely be attempting the Morricone challenge - lovely idea!

Well, here's my fake Morricone tune. I tagged it #Morricone, which seems obvious.