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When Oct 1 arrives, can we stay on to continue listening for a period of time like FAWM?

Traditionally yes, and I haven't heard anything suggesting it would be different this year.

I have a lot of listening to do, so I'm planning to stay for a few months. Smile

I'll most likely comment more than I have when the event ends, so I can search all the hashtags I want to hear and go through the list without worrying about it changing. I'll probably do that until February when FAWM starts and then start over.

I don't know how long @Fuzzy will maintain the Century club, but in past years we've been able to listen and leave comments until the site resets for the following year's event some time in June.

No worries, @headfirstonly; I'll be keeping up with the Century Club list as long as folks keep commenting!

Terrific. I am glad it's not COLD TURKEY.

I will say I don't think the site will stay up as long as it has previously, for a whole host of reasons. It will be up for at least a few weeks to a couple months past Oct 1. I'll keep you all posted with any dates/times for it going offline, to ensure everyone has time to archive their work.

I did not have much time but I'll def stick around and comment and rock the tober out!

First - thanks, @Eric Distad, for all the work you and the 5090/FAWM staff do!
I'll be around commenting for at least the first two weeks of October - my goal is to give 350 comments. I focus my comments on those who are still active on the site, so I know my comments are getting read. And I give listens and comments back to all who listen to and comment on my songs.

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I would like to thank the people who run this site, the monitors, support people and @Eric Distad for their commitment to keeping things running smoothly.

I give great thanks to the people who have taken the time to listen to my music and others. It's a great feeling to know that this 5090 family are always there to encourage and support our musical endeavors. I would like to also say that some of the best songs and lyrics have been a single live track with a guitar piano or whatever but have been great musical compositions....very heartfelt. So everyone keep writing and posting.

I sincerely thank the people who I have collaborated with this 5090. Every time I do a collab I learn something...and it's damn FUN! Just nice talented people. Rock on!
Stay safe and I hope to see you guys/gals back here (FAWN 2022) on Feb 1st 2022.