The downloadable calendar for keeping track of progress

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As anybody doing that this year? Smile

I have found it useful in the past.

If so, thanks in advance.


Yes, it is useful!
I like to keep my math skills sharp by thinking of the challenge in 9- and/or 18-day pieces - so a winning pace is 5 songs every 9 days, 10 songs every 18 days. By July 12, 5 songs. By July 21, 10 songs. Sometimes I do the math in my head while I walk the dog, which is often when I get a lot of good thinking done.
But you're right, @Jerry Pettit, a calendar would be easier and more handy!

@plainwhitetoast usually puts them together. I might be able to do one if no-one else has an easier way of doing it.


Most excellent.

I made a google sheets spreadsheet with the number of songs per date. If anyone wants it they can view it here:

Bless you, everyone!

Thanks folks this is useful - I see I'm 0.3 songs ahead today Phew!



I would have credited you had I remembered who had created it, @plainwhitetoast. There's no information on the copy I had.

And in view of your comments, I've binned my copy of your file and made my own version from scratch, which I will be using from now on.
Here it is in both ODS format and as a PDF. Please feel free to use, modify or redistribute as you wish. I promise I won't get snarky about it.


giving this a bump

I use Trello. It helps me stay organized.

bumping this again.... just posted my 14th song, so as of today (july 27) i'm just slightly ahead of schedule. how ya all doing?

Way ahead of schedule - I had a song a day pace going until the weekend. I feel like a bit of a slacker for not posting one on Friday or Monday.
Started recording today but the house next door was getting a full, loud (and much-needed) landscaping treatment.