Does Your Bandcamp Need More Followers? Mine Does! Click Here...

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Hi! I am Ray D. Opossum and I am new to 50/90 and new to Bandcamp. So I'm hoping some of you nice folks will follow me over on Bandcamp and if you do I will follow you there too!

Maybe everyone who posts on this thread could also become a follower of everyone else who posts on this thread!! Hope we don't overwhelm Bandcamp's servers! Biggrin

Thanks in advance!

I followed you on Bandcamp. Thanks for the notice.

But I think I've already followed you. I'm gonna check out Linda who I've also followed. I'm ahead of the curve.

Followed all the above. Smile

Me too, I will join you. I will join anyone who posts as well.

I've just followed you all if I wasn't following you already. Now that I'm starting to get a little settled in Texas and bands are starting to play out again, I'm hoping licensed internet radio picks up again as well. If so and I hear something I like, I'll message you to see if you want me to get you on if the music fits the stations I connect to.

I def need more followers! I only have three songs posted so far but here it is,

We could always use more followers. Smile

there is a catastrophic amount of music on here

WHy am I getting rejected from folowing? I'm sure I wasn't following EVERYONE...perhaps I was...

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I've followed all of you I wasn't already following. I've been making a lot of music outside FAWM and 50/90 recently, and it's all here:

Everyone is followed. I had a lot of y'all but I didn't have some I thought I would have by now.

@tcelliott will get your album next Monday 12th as well! Looking forward to that.

Great idea. I have now followed everyone on this page. I certainly need more followers so if anyone wants to then please follow my Bandcamp page here.

Now following everyone in this thread!!

adding my link to the list....and yeah, following some of you already from long ago but will add more!

Nancy Rost and I released an EP just before covid...

I will follow everyone too, why not? Watch, we will all get 50 release notifications in a row right after 50/90, haha!

Followed those who weren't already on my list. Looks like I've got even more listening to do than just these songs here at 50/90 Biggrin

Here's mine for those of you who are interested:

See You In The Shadows…

In the process of following you all with a fan page that I set up for my future tunes. The page with my most current recordings (and that was a while ago) is here:

Listening to that first track and I'm digging it, @Not that Emily Barker
On to the second. Good stuff.

Wow that's a lot of work clicking all those links but I think I got them all haha
In case anyone's thumbs still work...

@tcelliott, thanks so much!

Just thought I would bump this post since it's Bandcamp Friday! For those who have the money to spare, it's a good day to support your fellow songwriters on Bandcamp Smile

Bump for Bandcamp Friday again! Support your fellow artists if you can, and artists should post on your socials in case your fans want to support!

Followed! Here's mine: I'm following everyone on the thread. What a great idea! Thanks.

Just saw this threat and love the idea. I've scrolled through and followed everyone. Here's mine: - appreciate the follow-backs!