Does anybody here love Natalie Imbruglia as I do?

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i probably wont be clinging to Firebird, Natalie Imbruglia's first album of original songs in a decade as desperateIy as i did 20 years ago when White Lilies Island was my comfort album that shielded me from a crumbling world. But I will be listening to it regularly at least for the next several months, as it delivers everything i love about pop music,and i have really missed her voice and songs over the last decade.

I'll have to see if I can give it a stream. I honestly only know her for her couple of radio tracks but as with most good artists, the real value are the album tracks because that's where you hear what they are really about!

I was in mid-college when we had a mash up cover band and there were suddenly some freshmen girls coming up and want to sing these new poppities: garbage, alanis, imbruglia, I have a certain nostalgy because of the happy times and 90s were a big changer for the Balkans and around. So no problem with torn perfect guys or whatever she sings

#lowhum torn was a cover that differed from the original only in the band arrangement


Do I like or dislike Natalie? I'm torn.

Left of the Middle is one of my favorite albums of all-time. I can (and have) listen to it on repeat for days.

Well of course i love Nat. She was a tv star here (ironically in the same show that spawned Kylie M ) before going on to her singing career! Interesting that the song most people know of hers “torn” was actually a cover! She has done some really good stuff musically and seems such a nice person.

Smoke is my jam

I can only enjoy N. Imbruglia during the colder months and shamefully, horizontally nude.