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I didn't see a thread for this so here goes...
Any time you update a demo to an existing song or if you add a song to a lyric, feel free to add it here!

Rectangle Table - lyric by @Cicpisces, music added today by me.

I also just got done adding music to one of @Cicpisces lyrics! Unapologetic Art

I told someone, oh, 3 days ago :)... I liked their lyric and would try musicating it, but don't remember whom, nor the lyric (shudda copied it over into my text writer and save it like I do, but didn't this time). Otherwise, I'd be putting an update link here. So, if it was you, let me know. (Well, it's all I can do, and this thread reminded me I forgot something, just not what, precisely.) The first day was busy here, I do remember that!

- I knew writing this would work! Never mind, I remember Smile now...

This year's opening number, Time Yard, now has a demo by @metalfoot - if you wondered how it could possibly be done, wonder no more.

@ductapeguy provided lyrics and vox for this one!

I added a demo to Too Many Hats,

I updated the demo of Arise Sir Gareth Smile

oops i updated again... this time with a video Smile this song may be dead in 6 hours

My Lydian techno skirmish sketch has been expanded from 1:18 to 3:36. It found a B section and a lot of other stuff got cleaned up. For my friends who wanted it longer; @Marilisa, @Zeekle, @Amanda West, @Arthur Rossi, @yam655, and @splittybooms here it is. Still short as techno goes but that's what I got.

"Would Ya Look At That"

@levesinet has added music for "Tea and Macarons"!

I had a lyric only song posted and Corey Stewart then put it to music (after the song was posted), so hear is the new all singing all swinging demo from Mr Corey Stewart !

My lyric 'Kereru' has been put to music... twice!

@PeteMurphy's avant-garde version is here:
And @metalfoot's barbershop edition can be found here:

Please enjoy both. They're as good as they are different.

"Aunty Anti Facist"

Former lyrics only, now musicated; - well, more or less Fool

"My Black Betty, Best",
- now featuring Anaezia from Nepal, her recording, music and performance
(from the back of her closet on an iphone! Wink o m g!)

What, could she do, if ever had real equipment! Wink


Just added music to @srcoops lyric over here... "The Beasty"

so i did this as a skirmish lyrics-only, but a few folks said they wanted to hear music, so.... here it is

The song that @ChariotBaldwin and I wrote now has a demo. As expected, it's a bit metal, a bit grunge.


@Anaezia vocal backing added.

"Cowboys Die"
@Anaezia vocal backing added.

Thanks to Chris, my instrumental is now having a song version

"The New Patriots"
- Backing vocals added, featuring @Anaezia

It changes the track enough to note an update. She happened to listen, and riff'd it out then and there, feast/first pass/one take, - had the phone on; fwd'd the dry track.
- So, derUgo Smile

Tweaked the vocals, added some reverb, played with the drums.

"Black Cherry"

Added (live) piano: @Roddy

- It makes it a different song, the same, but different. It's interesting to hear that happen.

"Black Cherry"

* Updated 04Sept2021
Added Piano (Live, not a plug-in): @Roddy

** Updated 06Sept2021
Added Backing Vocals: @Anaezia

Fantastic job by @[marthie] with one of my early lyrics.

This one is more about the production side of things, but I adjusted the mix a bit in regard to the vocals (the backing vocals were overpowering the lead vocals in the choruses). I also copied-and-pasted an additional refrain at the end of the song to drive the message home.
"If You Give Love You Get Love"

"The Day Before Tomorrow"
- when, as lyrics only.

Updated with musication; the retitle seemed to fit if not add something meaningful:
The Day Before Tomorrow [russian collusion]

Layer by layer now with Amanda Rose Riley!

Updated again, this time with some pitch correction:

The Tree updated. Lyric by srcoops, music by Mandolinda

"I Grow My Gifts"

Music to prior lyrics-only

"Ten Little Minions"

It got musicated today; then, had time later on, and dub'd it up a bit Wink hahhh; just felt like self jamming a bit.

"Never Been Home"

Music added.
12 String Acoustic and Archtop, - both Mic'd, all dry, direct into mixer; and this one too, the first time I heard it was,
- after I hit "Stop Record"; first pass, one take, write while recording.

(Someone opened a squeaky door, figures, right! for the 2 mins you play,
- so did take that out, since in the wrong key. Otherwise, no edits Smile plug-ins, etc.)

Simple D, C, G, D, but, a nice modulation imo Smile

Demo now up for 'Slob'. (I made a new post so my collaborator would get the attention she deserves. Smile )

Demo added rather than updated. Quite pleased i found the time to do some music for this song by @Marije:

Instrumental piece "Better Than Chocolate": thanks to the magic of Kristi, Kate and David has now a song version: "Remembering Those Days":

@kenmattsson's version of Step Forth, O Soul Magnificent will lift your spirits and make your heart soar - well worth two-and-a-half minutes of your time.

My song "If I Knew You Better" has been given a new mix. You can actually hear the guitar now in this one.

The demo is now up for 'Who Would Notice'. Any visits would be much appreciated. Smile

The demo is up for Kristi's lyric Sadness in Me. Thank you Kristi and Chris.
Demo updated for I’d Rather Be Listening, lyric by @Stephen Wordsmith

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Late to the party with this one. I blame @LyricSlinger for writing the great lyric so late and me not seeing it earlier Biggrin *52402

Here is the link to our updated demo:
Kristi created her beautiful lyrics and Chris lend his gorgeous vocals.
Thank you for listening if you get the chance Smile

Last minute update to "Loose Gravel". This was hanging around since July but I got sidetracked by an out of town trip and then the Fibonacci challenge.

Wondering if your song is still marked private, @JWHanberry? Can't seem to access it.

Thanks @metalfoot. When I first tried to add the demo, it wouldn't take it. Then today itwasn't showing the private/public button but I wrestled it to the ground so I think we're good.