Countdown to 1st October??

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So it's roughly 11-15 here on September the 29th... So does that mean for us here in the UK the challenge ends in just over 24 hours?? Or is the day of Oct 1st included?

Just realised it's Rocktober too at the same time. Some fun to be had by me ruining some classic songs Biggrin

@nerdjealous hard to say for sure! Smile On the homepage the website says this "ends in 3 days 1 hours 2 minutes".

90 days would include October 1st and I'm pretty sure in the FAQ it says that you can post as long as it's still October 1st somewhere.

@nerdjealous The challenge 'officially' ends October 1. As indicated by @Amanda Rose Riley as long as it is October 1 somewhere song posting is intended to remain open. I have typically treated 50/90 as beginning when I wake up on July 4 and ending when I go to bed on October 1. The international date line is in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Where I live in the US EDT, song posting does not begin until 7am on July 4 and is typically still open until late afternoon in the day on October 2nd. From experience I wouldn't wait to post songs until the last minute. One year there was a site outage on October 1. I can't speak for the accuracy of the website timer and from that standpoint I second what @johnstaples said.

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I seem to recall it doing some weird countdown skipping around before the start at this yeah, good advice @AndyGetch gave, don't hang onto anything until the last minute

Yeah, we often think of 50/90 ending the end of September but
July 4-31 = 28 days
August 1-31 = 31 days
September 1-30 = 30 days
October 1 = 1 day
Total: 90 days

So keep the songs coming until the end of the 1st!

Good, so I can fit in this last skirmish before the deadline Biggrin
However I wanna start Rocktober after that, so it'll sorta blend over on the same day.
Cheers peeps!

So over at FAWM the site closes at 6:00 A.M Central time on March 1st. If that were to hold true here then it'd be 6:00 AM central time on October 2nd. But it's not the same here. It's been "off" a bit for the past few years, I believe. Maybe @Eric Distad could shed some light on it, if he's not too busy kickstarting his new album. (Good luck, Eric.