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Less than 1 week 'til 50/90 starts!!! Arrrgghhhh!!!

For the past few years, I’ve had such grand plans, but such low follow-through. My emotions at this point are a roiling cauldron of fear, hope, laziness, ambition, and most of all, excitement!

I couldn't agree more

If I sleep for 100 hours, 50/90 will arrive sooner, right?!


64 hours 'til 50/90 starts where I am. (Futureland.) 64 hours!!!

Yeah, it's been a good few years since I finished a 50/90. Playing gigs all over the country kind of sapped my energy for writing new music. This year, though, I'll be starting 50/90 in lockdown. So no distractions.

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Keep fanning the flames of excitement, @cblack - I'm going to need it for this marathon we're about to partake! Smile

Just over 51 hours to go, here!

Under 20 hours! Eek!!! :O

18 hours when I checked a few minutes ago… Biggrin

See You In The Shadows…

I was just out buying some essential supplies to get me through the lockdown and 50/90... Chocolate covered marsh mellows count as essential supplies, right?

Chocolate cures loneliness. Definitely an essential item. Mmhmm. Smile

Just over 7 hours for me!

I have two bottles of Wolf Blass Brut Cuvee chilling, that's 14.2gm of carbs or the equivalent of one chocolate-coated marchsmallow so I feel I can spread them over the next couple of days without ill effects..., plenty of egg, meat, spinach, cabbage, mushrooms....I'm ready to survive and lose weight whatever! (Walnuts, must get walnuts....)

@Tim Fatchen I must confess to having eaten a frog before but I would NEVER eat a tadpole! (Unless I could catch one of course. But certainly not a flying one!)

We are giving some Barossa Shiraz a nudge! Hoping all will be ok when the eyes open on the 4th.

Oh look, I'm allowed to eat peanut butter! But alas, no what's the point? [Stores more celery sticks at keyboard ready...]

When I was a kid, I used to catch tadpoles up at Minnamurra Falls and take them home with me. For years afterwards, I'd be kept awake at night by all the bok bok noises.

Friendly bullfrogs!

51 minutes to go where I am. Keep almost falling asleep. Pretty sure I'll be snoring when midnight hits, but I wasn't planning on doing a song at midnight anyway. More just making some official plans...

See you in the morning, dearies!

Counted down and out!

Five hours and thirteen minutes! I can almost taste it Biggrin

See You In The Shadows…

Five-and-a-quarter hours for me to go. Not sure if I'll stay awake though. We'll see what happens. Smile

4.20am and I'm awake again. Planning my concept album might commence!

Three hours for me (till midnight), but in fact it's longer is it not, because we can't post until it's July 4th everywhere in the world?
(But we can start writing. Wink )

Just woke up. 4th here now. Will start soon.

Another hour to go here, which will make it 1am. And I can barely keep my eyes open. I'm not going to risk operating machinery tonight. Wink
Off to my bed to dream about music.

You'll be awake in no time, Paul. Wink

I have a second countdown. 35 hours 'til I can actually record something! Sunday and Monday aren't viable. Come on Tuesday!

In the meantime, I've been making many plans.