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Hello, one of songwriters kindly let me know that she sent me her message via contact form. I've checked my messages and the spam folder but there wasn't anything sent from her. I then asked her to try again and there isn't any message. There are 3 reasons why I'm highlighting this matter:
1. I might be not the only one who doesn't get messages
2. It might be upsetting for people who try to reach via the contact form, they might think I'm not interested or anyone else who they try to reach, isn't interested.
3. I hope it is possible to sort it out.
Thank you in advance and apologies to anyone who sent me messages and didn't get my replies. I honestly don't know for how long my messages don't reach me.

@Eric Distad should be made aware of this.

Thank you, Tom. Hope Eric will see the thread.

@musicsongwriter - I sent a couple test emails to try to trace this down. Please let me know if you do or don't get them. Thanks!

Hi Eric, thank you so much. I received 2 emails. The system didn't let me reply to you via messages. It said that the address wasn't found. I hope it was a temporary problem that messages weren't reaching me. Thank you so much for trying to sort it out.