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I was wondering if its ok to take the pieces from fawm and start completing them/demos etc

50 songs sounds like a loooooot

The idea of the challenge in the FAQ is to write new songs. That said, we each have a choice on what to do during these summer months. There are some here who write 50 plus new songs between July 4th and October 1st. The number of people is usually a few dozen. There are more who write at least a few songs and less than 50. That usually ends up being a hundred or more. There are many I know from FAWM who have not participated, to my knowledge, in 50/90. While 50 songs in 90 days is a lot, it is 5 songs every 9 days. Most songwriters I know think that the 14 songs for FAWM in 28 days is a lot. Most songwriters I know write less than a FAWM's worth of songs every year, some in their entire life. For them FAWM is a lot too. By comparison FAWM is 5 songs every 10 days. So 50/90 is a slightly faster pace, however, for me, I collaborate and play more games in 50/90 than in FAWM.

The answer you'll usually get here is that there are no 100% rules, it's up to you what you want to count as a song and what you don't.

That said, most people (myself included) try to write 50 songs from scratch, and many of us accomplish it, so it is definitely doable! But I guess it depends on your schedule, inspiration, etc. I do have a lot of snippets of ideas I've written over the years (like a few lines of lyrics or melody) that I am happy to use, but I wouldn't personally use something that I had already shared and considered "finished" in some way. But I'm not sure what you have used in FAWM - if they are more like snippets to begin with, and you plan on making significant expansions on them, then I don't see why you shouldn't be able to count those. Like I said, it's really up to you what you consider "written during 50/90" and what you consider a finished song.

Edit: @AndyGetch gave a good answer too, at the exact same minute that I did, haha. Also just want to say, not that this is what you're doing, but don't feel like you have to half-ass your songs and cut corners just to hit 50 if you know you can't finish 50 full songs. The point is to be creative and see how much you can accomplish, not just to win. IMO it's better to have 10 or 20 complete songs that you're proud of than 50 but you only like one or two.

thank you for the feedback !

FAWM was so fun for me and probably not for my neighboors since my quality creating time was normally 12-2 am Biggrin

You're welcome and I also agree with @Amanda Rose Riley, would have saved me some typing Lol .