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Idea behind this thread is to post here if you want to collaborate just for fun and what skills you bring to the table. Commercial oriented co-writes are all well and good, many of my friends do them, but they are not for me. No expectations here to make money from music and no desire to pursue paid gigs.

Disclaimer: I do post music on Bandcamp under the 'pay what you want' category and encourage people to enter $0. In other words I am posting for people to listen and hopefully if they like it get free downloads. My total Bandcamp revenue in maybe six years (aside from maybe less that $100 from people who paid for mine b/c I paid for theirs) is about $30.

Cool thing about 50/90 is that multiple collaborators are possible. This summer I have a lot more time for 50/90 and want to give back more.

My fair to middlin' skills in order of strength are:
Putting music to lyrics
Back and forth kind of collaborations
Add vocals, lyrics, and maybe a rhythm guitar track

Sometimes collaborations work out great, sometimes they don't, even with the same writer. Either way I always learn something when I write with others. My main idea here is to have fun and maybe write a song that otherwise would not exist. Contact me with a private message on my profile soundboard or e-mail if interested.

@Andy, what a great idea. I am really hoping to collaborate with as many others as possible this year. I’m at home for the 90 days (albeit still having to go to work) so a lot more time for music.
I am happy to:
Add music (guitar and or bass)
Share lyrics
Am happy to add vocals but set your expectations low low for quality!
Happy to try anything new.

Yeah this seems like a cool idea. I am always on the look out for ways to improve on stuff. I really want to learn to write better lyrics, mine are usually very me oriented, which is a great type of therapy but I would like to do better. Therefore, I would like to do music and put lyrics over the top. Ideally a bit of back and forth and mixing with different vocals would be cool also.

I'm up for a crack at it anyway..

I would love to do some more collaboration my preference is as a lyricist! I am also practicing producing and have some very good mastering tools now so will do music and or mastering as well. I also do a fair few of my own complete songs but then do blocks of lyrics only! I usually get around 10 collaborations would love to up that! I'm happy for people to take my lyrics after a quick heads up! or i will write to a topic or style if you want! I've collaborated with 2 of the above previously.

The only reason I'm here is to collaborate, since I don't write music, just lyrics. Hoping to work with a bunch of you this summer!

^ ^ Same.

@crisp1 and @Stephen Wordsmith you guys write such good lyrics you will get plenty of demand as usual. Tim Conway got back to me Crisp and Grace is on episode 3.

All I do is have fun. So I guess I'm in this group too! (I love to collaborate!)

Y'all know I'm down for collabs. But I do aspire to earn a living as a lyricist some day (not that it'll happen but a girl can dream). I only do lyrics, so lmk if anything I post strikes musical inspiration

Fun sounds fantastic to me! Always happy to collaborate with anyone and love to share lyrics with musicians, co-write together, and willing to try some music if someone doesn’t mind a rough demo.

I do lyrics, for fun. So, anyone wanting to add music and production to my lyrics is welcome.

I'm very used to take collaborations seriously and give all my heart and soul into every collaboration I have but I'd like to try something new for me and just have fun although if our collaboration turns out great it will be a double bonus Smile

Always open to collabs. Fun is my only expectation.

Always good for lyrics.

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I can do music. Hit me up on the Slack channel at Smile (I'm also @IA there)