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My podcast is still going strong but i am trying to mix things up now and again. I realise how intrinsic to 50/90 collaborations are so i want to do a show of just collaborations! if you have a collaboration you would like me to play please let me know here somewhere or on the fb page or by email at [email protected].
thx everyone for your support!

I'd like to submit "My Dead, Dead Girl" for consideration.
Liz Petty wrote the lyrics, I did the arrangement

funny you should say that - I was thinking a couple of days ago i would suggest that to you. i have some for you, will check out with my collaborators and get to you. i haven't forgotten about my own choice to make!

I don't have any collabs this 5090, but here's one from FAWM 2020, with Vom Vorton: There's a bit of a story about how that 2-chord number came to be. FAWM/5090 definitely lead to all kinds of creativity that simply could not occur without these communities.

How about Starwell A (*41394), a collab with @Stephen Wordsmith or Sofa Made To Look Like A Cow (*42536) with @crisp1 or Aether (*44685) with @cleanshoes or The Cure (*44181) with @cts or... well, really, any of my collabs. Plus the song of mine you played on your show already was a collab with @Chandra83!

Happy for you to use my collab with @metalfoot, Bigger Boat.

This is my only collab so far this year, done with @ryako and tremendously good fun to do. Bjork and Kirk in Outer Space:

Brilliant idea. Only I don't know how to chose as I love every collaboration I had here!

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@musicsongwriter same here Smile all are great recommendations so far though! a few I hadn't caught in my usual listening yet!