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Hey, I finally crossed the 200 threshold (currently at 220)!

Just made 600! Awesome music!

passed 200


Over 200….on my way to 300….

Just hit 400 comments given.

1500 here.

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400. Sorry I'm so slow to comment this year.

Hey @metalfoot, no need to be sorry!!
400 comments is nothing to sneeze at!!

301 for me. @coolparadiso 1300 - Legend!

Over 600

I've crossed 100 today. Hopefully I'm on a listening streak now.

Past 300 now…

400 from me. Amazing songs discovered and looking forward to more.

I just hit 600! Man returning all the comments on my songs is practically a full time job.

now well past 300 here (335 to be more exact)

Just hit 200. Impressed by all you super-commenters!
@wacha - I know what you mean about keeping up with returning comments!

400!!! Whaaaaaat???



past 400 now, lots of good stuff out there!

500 and counting! So many delights enjoyed and still more anticipated. Well done everybody!

200--I guess I have time for another 100 before this thing is over

I have reached 500 .


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Just made 400...and I KNOW there are hidden gems out there I have gotten to...so many songs so little time!


300! I feel kind of funny posting that right after coolparadiso. Trying not to fall into comparison.

300! Go me! Smile



Just gave my 500th Comment!!
Broke my own personal record!!!

700. There's still a lot of great stuff out there to discover.

500 here too please, Fuzzy

I’m past 400 now…

topping 600 comments, still listening to the fine selections.

Just hit 200 finally! Way behind many of you but glad I've got to listen to a lot and hopefully say some positive things (as others have done for me!)

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Broke 700 sometime.

I just passed 400 !

I just passed 100, with the last 10 taking me twice as long as the first 90.

601 (out of currently 4892 songs)... I've barely scratched the surface.... onwards!
Thank again @Fuzzy for running this thread this Summer and thanks to all the avid listeners we have on here! The music makes this rock, but the comments make it roll!

Finally hit 100!

400 now.

A total of 38 members on the list here!!
That's a lot of comments given!!
Thanks, everybody, for all the listening!!
We still have a couple of days, so keep em coming!!

Over a 150 here

507 from me. Many more songs for me to discover.

Hello, I'm not sure if I'm doing this right, but do I get enshrined on the wall of righteousness for getting to 200 - as in, me leaving 200 comments on other people's songs? Because that's where I am now!

Yes, @Hypnotist!!
Your name gets engraved on the Wall Of Fame!!!

800. Such a lot of really amazing stuff.

A bit late to this party but I’m on 450 Biggrin