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I am creating my first CD and looking at the possibility of a company to get 20 or 30 printed in eco-jackets. Anyone have a company they can suggest looking into?

I can vouch for Atomic Disc.

Thanks @nancyrost! I am also trying to get my first CD created. I looked at Atomic Disc and I am really liking that Wallet Lite option!

Thanks Nancy!

I still point people at the unloving uncaring impersonal soulless inhuman robotic but accurate and cheap

Thanks Nancy and Tim, appreciate the feedback!

@tamsnumber4 lemme know what you decide to do. I am leaning toward Atomic Disc's Wallet Lite option.

I'll pipe in and say my experience with kunaki has been mixed. Cheap and fairly quick. No customer service but it's easy to do if you put the time in. But I had several discs not play for people. One of them on the local radio station, which was an experience that went from quite the thrill to quite embarrassing.

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@tcelliott yeah, it would be the one you would really hope not to have any issues with

I know a few people that have used that Atomic Disc to multi colored vinyls done, for the price tough to beat as far as I know of, I've owned several, never had any quality/play issues, don't know about either places mentioned cd's though.

Hey I want a CD too! Thanks Tammy!

@tcelliott not had any problems. Was that recent or a while ago? (some players still don't like CD-R reproductions and demand full printed discs). Though I think I'll try Atomic Eco-lite next time, looks good!

2018 - Yup. Overall I wasn't completely unsatisfied but there were a couple of issues that at least gave me pause.

One of the things I like about Atomic is, instead of shrink wrap, they provide a resealable clear plastic sleeve. That way I have the option of checking each CD before I send them out (and it ain't likely to take long to check all 3 CDs I send out!) Also I can sign the cover if I want. Then I just slip it back into the sleeve, seal it up and it looks like factory sealed!