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So this started yesterday when I tried to post a new song. And it is happening again today. I'm filing out the "Add New Song" form, as I always have, inputing the modified Dropbox link for my MP3 file (again, as I always have). I press "Submit" & Firefox shows the page accessing the server at the bottom left (as it always does) but then it hangs & gets stuck on the Media Browser window. The only thing I can do is close the Media Browser window, but the file isn't linked. I've tried this with a couple of different files & am getting the same result.

Also, when I am typing in Tag words I keep getting an error message pop up (see screenshot below):

Is anyone else having similar problems?

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Still not able to post songs. Moderators? Anyone? Help would be appreciated.

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This is one for @Eric Distad I think, so I've pinged him on Slack.

But the fact that the message above refers to field tags, makes me think I'd have a go at posting without adding tags...

I'll give that a try, Chris. See if it makes a difference. I'll post the results.


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Just tried to attach a link to the MP3 file on Dropbox without adding any other information in the "Add A Song" Form & still had it hang after pressing the "Submit" button. So I think the Tag issue is seperate. Sad

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@Candle Can you send me the link you are trying to enter in the Demo field? I haven't been able to reproduce this issue.

@Eric Distad, have you had any luck with this? I just tried a new song at a new link & I am having the same issue with the link window hanging.

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Just tried a work-a-round posting a song using Soundcloud. That also hangs. I'm getting really frustrated by this & by the lack of response from @Eric Distad on this issue. @headfirstonly, is there a way to get this resolved or at least get some communication from @Eric Distad? I sent him links to the first two songs I had problems with (directly on his soundboard) & I haven't heard anything since. Everything I've tried isn't working - except for posting a link in the Liner Notes; which, to me, defeats the whole purpose of 50/90's music player. I have three other songs waiting to be posted & I'd rather post them so 50/90's player can play them then to have them marked "NO DEMO" & hope people still click on the song & then click on the liner notes embedded link to actually hear the song. As I said, I'm getting quite frustrated here.

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@Candle Sending you an email.

@Candle I took the liberty of editing your song. I apologize if I overstepped. But the soundcloud link is working on your song page (at least for me.) Will you please let me know if it's working for you?


@tcelliott, yes the Soundcloud link is now working. Thank you. I replied to your e-mail with the links you asked for. Thank you for looking into this, T.C.!

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@Eric Distad this is happening to me today, I wasn't able to upload a song from

@elesimo I was able to put it in. It should be working now.

Elesimo and @Candle what browsers and/or device were you using to try and upload?


Thank you, @tcelliott! I'm using Firefox (latest, 92.0) on macOS Catalina (10.15.7).

Firefox seems to be the problem. I've been uploading using Edge & it's been working.

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yeah, I just tried uploading two songs via firefox and couldn't do it. Had to use my old internet explorer and do it that way. (But on the plus side, two new songs!)

Same here, I switched to Chrome and now it works.

@Eric Distad should be aware of this.

I've had no problem at all with Firefox. Odd.

Firefox works for me on Linux, for some reason. Only fails on Mac OS.

This is the HTTPS versus HTTP issue.

You can't create a new song with HTTPS.

There are browser plugins that automatically prefer HTTPS over HTTP and will redirect you to the secure version automatically.

These do not work with the 50/90 site.

So can I just change the HTTPS to HTTP when adding a song in Firefox? Or should I continue to use Edge to post new songs (much to my displeasure)? Or can I turn off the particular plugin that is forcing the HTTPS?

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