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I purchased hosting for FAWM this year and now I can't get access.
It's saying my username or password are invalid though I'm sure the username is right and the password is still being auto-filled by Google/Chrome as it was during FAWM when it was working fine.
I've emailed Jen Distad or is there someone else I need to contact?

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@the pannacotta army mine is working. My problem was the old password being auto-filled by Goole/Chrome... After I exchanged it to a new one it worked for me.

I had a similar problem and Jen fixed it in a very short time, all working fine now.

okay thanks
I'll just wait for Jen to get in touch then

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Having same issue, just assumed it was user error Smile

I think there might be some confusion... and this may be on me.

If you donate for File Hosting for FAWM, we create a file hosting account that is linked to your FAWM account which allows you to upload files and host files for the FAWM challenge. Those files will stay online and hosted indefinitely, but they are intended to be for the FAWM challenge. (For example for FAWM 2020, user folders are still live. for user test )

That same file hosting system is used for the 50/90 challenge, but because of how the account integration works, we reset the system when 50/90 starts. This sets up new logins for the 50/90 challenge pointed to the accounts on the 50/90 site. Unfortunately, this process makes the older FAWM logins inaccessible.

So past the 50/90 reset date, you can access and download files in your user directory from the FAWM account, but you won't be able to log in to upload new files. If you need changes or deletions done on those files, we can do those for you on the back end.

If you would like file hosting for 50/90, you would need to request a 50/90 File Hosting account.

On a side note, we used to communicate this info each year by sending emails out to the emails on file for File Hosting accounts and didn't this year for various reasons, both logistical and technical. My bad on that and we'll try to do better in future.

Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!

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I was just trying to download some of the fawm account files that were never linked to, just uploaded, no big deal, didn't know it would be the same site or I'd of got them sooner Smile no worries.

OK. I just sent an email to the mods

I am caught up on email questions and donations right now. Remember, confirmation emails and emails containing file hosting account information are sent to the address from which the donation was received. If you use a different email address for PayPal than you do for other purposes, then you'll want to check that account.

Jen Distad (=