Candle's FAWM MMXXI Album just released: Catharsis

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So yeah, finally put the finishing touches on my Catharsis album. Just released it on Bandcamp today. I did setup an automated POD CD purchase chain but not sure if it works. So if anyone is kind enough to buy the CD DigiPack, could you let me know if the automation works. I think it should, but would love some feedback.

There's also a single for Before The Rain that I also released with two bonus B-Sides if you;'re also interested:

Thanks for the listens & the support!

See You In The Shadows…

I had a listen to this, it's incredibly dark and epic with some fine experimental playing and ideas.
My favourite tracks were Darkness and The Light at The End of The Tunnel.
And I see it's sold out, well done!

Thanks for listening @G3 Darnell! And well… the "Sold Out" is more because of technical difficulties then actually being sold out. I'm still trying to get that fixed. When I do, the CDs should be available again.

See You In The Shadows…