Can I post 2019 re-edited/recorded Song ?

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Can I post a song that was written in 50/90 2019, that has been worked on all through July 2020 and is now a newly mixed, well edited lyrics, and different production ?
I am unsure on this, but am wondering as I have spent ages on it all through July.
Thanks Smile

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Why not? Let's hear it!

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I'm always saying, 5090 and FAWM in my opinion should be for new songs. So, I guess I'm saying, maybe just post it on the forums. Smile

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@Amanda West why not? I mean mixing/editing/production is a huge part of the songwriting process as well........ we all have our own reasons for doing things, aren't liner notes there for an explanation of such things? Wink

I think the only person that needs to answer that is you. No one is going to physically stop you.

A song is all parts of it, so if you kept just the melody but scrubbed and changed the rest you have a new song, so yeah. But even if not, since the challenge is personal you make your rules

I love these self-challenges because they’re a personal exploration of one’s relationship to discipline and creativity. With such a vague and all-encompassing objective, no one but you can say with certainty what should count and what shouldn’t. I agree with production being an essential component of songwriting so I say it definitely counts.

I vote yes. Would be nice to hear the original too!

Personal opinion: If I were to write a song and post it and get comments etc., and then a year later I released it to spotify or bandcamp or whatnot... I would not feel right posting it to 50/90 or FAWM just to get more comments on the pretty and polished version. If I wrote a song last year and rewrote the verses or changed the structure or whatever, then I might feel like it deserved to be posted this year as a rewrite.

All that being said, it's a personal challenge, so you make the rules.