can i get the bounce back in my coiled headphone cable?

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it's gone really .... soggy

Sounds like a subject for a song to me....

so it does! Smile

There is a solution, but involves both cooking (or boiling) and then freezing your cable!

Mind blowing that someone has solved this problem.

hmm yeah it is all moulded in so i'll skip that, but thanks.

Who came up with that?!?
"Maybe I'll bake it and then put it in ice water."

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I've had guitar cables get contorted to some weird positions from being too hot and too cold, but never thought to do it on purpose. One very old cable in particular no longer unwraps. It was a 25ft cable at one point in its life. It's really only about 5 now. I might try to lay it out flat in the hot sun for a few hours and throw some ice water on it. Not something I would of ever thought to try.

I suspect it's the plastic coating that's at fault; thermoplastics can be reset by heating them, and the mould temperature range for PVC - U can be as low as 20°C.

Great song title.... "Ode to a Soggy Cable"

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This worked with a long guitar chord that was badly bent out of shape too. I don't have a monster oven, but its hot here. I stretched it out along the side of a building with some bricks on the ends(on the actual metal plugs) and left it in the sun all day. Late last night poured a couple of ice cold pitchers of water on it and its straight and still pliable and still works Biggrin

I know this is slightly off the original, but may have sone relevance certainly to later posts! This shows how to properly coil cords so as to stop breakages.

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Good video! @coolparadiso I learned that with extension cords well before I even started playing music. It really is the "right" way especially if you want to get a long life out of your cords and such...... few people actually do it that way, even professional roadies/etc just do the over the arm rolling up method most times. My poor cable had just been through too much weather, still worked great but was just perpetually stuck in its coil hahah.