Calling guitar players. I need help

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Hey guys.
I am investigating developing a new web-based application that will allow guitar players to find new cover songs to add to their repertoire, pull it all together nicely and take them on a journey from not knowing the song at all to being able to perform the song publicly.

The idea is that guitar palyers will only ever need one site to learn, play or perform a particular song (if that song is in the catalog and I am not going down the "tab every song" route like Ultimate Guitar).

So say you want to learn to play Country Roads by John Denver and it is in my catalog, you pay, say one dollar and you have everything you need to get from not knowing the song at all to adding it to your "repertoire" and being able to perform it publicly. You have the play-along video and a guitar lesson, the chords and lyrics and maybe even a backing track,etc I would really appreciate it if you could take a few minutes to complete this survey to help me to find product-market fit before building the application