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Okay so I'm trying to figure out what other stuff Eno has done, other than his piano motifs and such,

I remember a performance into his later years, think he still had longish hair, and find similar stuff that's been done by him. It's Brain Eno (at least I think so) when he was doing various licks, changing sounds (sure he was plugging wires in places to achieve effects) and he just goes on for about 20 minutes in front of a small crowd on stage, and improvises a lot of stuff? Basically I think he uses effects and changes.

Now I know Eno is minimalist in the pieces I've heard, and he's one of my influences in terms of outright piano/ambiant stuff,such as An Ending, and Music For Airports, but I'm trying to find similar stuff to this riffing sorta keyboard/organy stuff?

I could be wrong and it could be someone else, but do any of you know of any music he's done to this nature?

But the reason for this is because I wanna learn how to do similar stuff to it, or maybe there are some other musicians who have done similar stuff. I wonder how I would be able to do this sorta thing with an old Yamaha keyboard?


Eno was notoriously reticent to perform live; was he on his own? The only recording of Eno that I can think of which matches that description is "Fripp and Eno Live in Paris" which also featured Robert Fripp on guitar, recorded at Olympia, Paris in 1975. They did several albums together, all of which should be essential listening:

No Pussyfooting (1973)
Evening Star (1975)
The Equatorial Stars (2004)
Beyond Even (1992–2006) (2007)
Live in Paris (2011)

Maybe this is not exactly what is being requested @nerdjealous. My mp3 library has (and I once had the physical) 1977 solo album 'Before and After Science' and the 1981 album he did with David Byrne 'My Life In the Bush of Ghosts'. Probably further astray as it gets a bit more alternative which later became mainstream, from watching documentaries and reading books, I feel like as a producer he was a pretty big sonic influence on the mid-early albums by Talking Heads and U2.

Eno is incredibly prolific. Aside from the collaborations with Fripp and with David Byrne that @AndyGetch mentioned he's also worked with his brother Roger Eno, Harold Budd, Edward Larry Gordon (a.k.a. Laraaji), Conny Plank, John Cale, Jah Wobble, and the German group Cluster. I've got more than forty physical albums by him on my shelves here and a bunch of downloads as well. There are tape installations for art exhibitions in Russia, bell studies for The Clock of the Long Now, almost-pop mainstream works, and more besides. There's plenty to explore!

Try "No Pussyfooting" by Fripp and Eno, or perhaps "Spinner" by Eno and Jah Wobble.
Let me take this opportunity to say that Eno has been a huge influence on me, especially his approach of using the studio as an instrument.

There's also an album with David Byrne

@lowhum; "My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts".

@Fuzzy I had somehow missed that there exists a Eno / Jah Wobble collaboration. 50/90 continues to enrich my life!

@lowhum, @Fuzzy there are two Eno/David Byrne albums. The other one's "Everything that happens wil happen today" which came out in 2008. Leo Abrahams, Phil Manzanera, Robert Wyatt, Seb Rochford, and Steve Jones all contribute.